English Shepherd Puppies – Ultimate Guide

English Shepherd Puppies are also known as all-purpose dogs, perfect fit for active families. Their loyalty towards humans makes them everyone’s favorite in no time. They have an athletic body and are outstanding partners in search and rescue operations. They also serve as therapy dogs.

English Shepherd Puppies

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As their name shows, they are an American breed and are decedents of the shepherd dogs of England and southern Scotland.

English Shepherd Puppies considered themselves alphas. They keep an eye on everything happening around them. They can put cows and sheep back into pasture, guard the fence, and give an alarm to you when they see any stranger, human or animal.

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What is an English Shepherd breeders?

English Shepherd breeder are an American breed that is commonly found on American farms. They were registered by UKC in 1227.

They are the combination British Isles dogs and sheep and cattle dog. Let’s take a look on the breed parents.

  • The native dogs of the British Isles are active, strong, and attractive. They are usually recognized by their beautiful and rich coats. They normally have a sweet temperament and are very good with family and children.
  • Sheep and cattle dogs are also called herding dogs. They are very strong and active dogs, usually found on farms to look after the pastures of sheep, cows, and cattle. They are very focused and intelligent dogs and start helping with little training.

They were also awarded different prices in different years as farm helpers and great companions in rescue and search operations.

These dogs were bred to do various tasks. They are very quick learners and work incredibly well with little training. They are very good guardians of property and very helpful companions in tracking or hunting.

They can compete in obedience training tests, tracking tests, and herding tests. They are a very energetic and wonderful family dog. They love to play with children and other family members.

English Shepherd Breeders Appearance

English Shepherd Puppies

What does and English Shepherd breeders look like?

English Shepherds breeder are medium-sized dogs. They have athletic and alert-looking bodies. They were bred for speed and agility. Their features include dark or brown eyes, folded ears, and long tails.


English Shepherds have a thick coat that can be straight, wavy, or curly. They have a double coating of Teflon quality. It is weather- and dirt-proof and does not tangle easily.


They are found in white and black, black and sable, and black and tan color patterns.

Size and Weight

English Shepherd breeders are medium-sized dogs weigh between 35 and 65pounds. Male English Shepherd puppies weigh more than females.

How big does an English Shepherd breeders get?

Their height ranges from 18 to 24 inches.They have a muscular body.


They have a long, plumed, curved tail covered with long hair, which completes their look.

Eye color

They have round or oval-shaped black eyes that are always alert.


These farmhand dogs have an arched neck and a strong, level back that remain erect when they run and give them a bossy look.

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How much puppies English Shepherd Puppies get?

Litter Size

English Shepherd breeder get 5 to 8 puppies and in average 6 puppies.

English Shepherd Puppies Temperaments

English shepherd breeders

English Shepherd Puppies are highly trainable, intelligent, kind, energetic, independent, adaptable, and bossy dogs. They like to keep an eye on you. If you are working and do not pay attention to them, they will sleep behind you until you are free.

They need a good amount of physical exercise and a busy day full of activities. They are active, athletic dogs who are well-behaved. They love jogging and chasing bikes or balls.

They are very sensible watch dogs and inform their owner about strangers, human and animal, by barking. They get along well with other pets if they are raised with them. But they are bossy around strange animals.

Lack of physical activities made them bored, and they started to find different activities like digging in trash or chewing slippers to entertain themselves.

Destructive behavior of English Shepherd Puppies:

As we already discussed above, English Shepherd Puppies are very active and energetic dogs, but if they do not get enough attention from their owner or from any activity that keeps them busy all day, they become annoyed and start chewing shoes or any other thing they find. They are very obsessed with their owner, which is why they start jumping on everyone’s face to see their face. Some they start digging in trash.

How English shepherd breeders Train?

They are highly trainable. In no time, they start understanding things and become good companions in different activities.

But positive training is needed for every dog. With positive training, they work and play more happily and in a correct manner and do not embrace you in front of other people by barking, chumping, and chasing different things and animals.

Treat training is the best way to train your dog.

English Shepherd Breeders

What is treaty training?

Treat training involves rewarding your dog with some biscuits, their favorite toy, or some petting after showing any type of good behavior. This helps you to make your dog more obedient and well mannered.

Grooming of English Shepherd Rescue

English Shepherd rescue have a very thick coat, so they also need grooming and hair trimming. They have a lot of hair on their feet and legs. They also need little hair do on ears for clean appearance. You can use scissors to cut their hair, but rest assured that there will be no signs of being scissored. Do not over-trim them; this will destroy their look.

They need 2 or 3 baths in a month or depend on their activity or dirt on them. You need good shampoo and conditioner to detangle their thick hair. After towel drying, you have to brush their coat with a good metal brush.

Breed CharacteristicsEnglish Shepherd Breeders
Size18-23 inches
Weight45-60 pounds
Life Span12-15 years
CoatThick coat which can be wavy curly or straight
ColorWhite and black, black and white. White and tan, sable and white, or tricolored black tan and white
SheddingThey shed a lot not good for people with hair allergies
TemperamentsHighly energetic, lovable, playful, and easily socializes with others.
Intelligencevery intelligent and trained in very short period of time
Destructive BehaviorIf not properly trained, they become depressed and start chewing and digging in trash.
Litter Size5-8 puppies in average 6
Behavior with ChildrenIf properly trained they are very good and protective towards children and other family members
Activity LevelLove to work whole day with their honor, hyperactive and very energetic.
English Shepherd Puppies Chart

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Old English Shepherd

Old English Shepherd

The Old English Shepherds are large dogs that were found in England as herding dogs. They are well-known for his bear-like appearance and caring nature.They enjoy exploring new things. They are very strong-bodied dogs and require a good amount of daily exercise.

Appearance of an old English shepherd Rescue Dog


These fluffy dogs are normally 22 inches tall.


They have a shaggy, thick coat with no curls. They mostly come in blue, gray, and blue merle colors. Because of the thickness of their coat, they become waterproof.

Temperament of the Old English Shepherd Rescue Dog:

They become very kind, intelligent, and active family members. These furry friends are very friendly and protective playmates of children, and they become everyone’s favorites in a short period of time.

If they are not provided opportunities to socialize, play, and learn, they become reserved with strangers.

They don’t like long walks because of their heavy coats, but they love playing in the snow or chasing balls.

Grooming of the Old English Shepherd:

They need regular grooming, but they shed less than other dogs. If they do not get proper care, their coat quickly tangles. You have to get proper tools for the comb on a regular basis.

Sable English Shepherd Breeder

sable English Shepard

Sable English Shepherd breeder colors ranged from pale gold honey to deep mahogany red. Their coat has black-tipped hairs. They have two sable genes or one sable and one tan point gene.

The majority of sable English sheep are white. Their white marking is most commonly seen on the chest and feet. When these puppies’ mate with a black and tan-colored shepherd, they have a limited amount of white.

Price Range of English Shepherds Breeder

Their price range between $500 to $1000.

It depends on the type of breeder, family, size, and age of the dog. They are quite in United States as their name shows they are mostly found in UK. If you order them from any other country, they become quite expensive and you have to import them.

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English Shepherd breeder are very hardworking and strong dogs, and they become the first choice for active people or people who are living in big houses or on farms and in fields. They are very good watchdogs and make everything well managed.

They are very bossy by nature and look like true alphas. But these dogs are not suitable for people who are living in apartments or in small houses because of their daily need for exercise. If you are well managed and hyperactive like an English Shepherd puppies, they will become your first priority in time.

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