Pied French Bulldog – Ultimate Guide

Pied French Bulldog is also known as the most popular dog breed. They are mostly found in white with different colored patches that almost cover half of their body. These have a very gentle temperament, which is the actual reason for their fame.

They are found in different colors and they also have different names according to their color like pied merle french bulldog, blue pied french bulldog, fawn pied french bulldog, french bulldog pied fawn.

Pied French Bulldog

Pied French Bulldog are unbelievably intelligent, unlike all other small breeds. Keeping in mind their popularity, the American Kennel Club also declared them the most popular dog breed in New York City. They came in different coat colors, and you have many options according to your choice.

But before adding a Pied Merle French Bulldog to your family, there are a couple of things that you need to know about these fluffy friends, and you can find all of them in this article.

Photos of Pied French Bulldog

Pied French Bulldog

History of the Pied Merle French Bulldog

Pied Merle French bulldogs first appeared in Paris in the 19th century. They are a mix of Toy Bulldogs and the local Persian rats. They became very popular in Western Europe and were owned by almost every lady. Let’s have a little glance at their parent breed.

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Toy Bulldog

Pied French Bulldogs were small dogs, 10 to 14 inches high. They became an unrecognized breed because of the difficulties that breeders faced during their production. They are very intelligent dogs, and our Pied Merle French Bulldog gets its intelligence from this breed gene.

Persian Ratters

Ratters means rat killers. This breed is found in Paris and is known for killing rats. They are also found in small to medium sizes, and they have short, straight hair, which is also found in the Pied-Merle French Bulldog.

Pied French Bulldog

Appearance of the Pied Merle French Bulldog


They typically have a short, smooth, and shiny coat that requires minimal grooming because it sheds very little. They have patterns on their backs. Mostly, these patterns are found on their backs and around their necks in black, which people think is a sign of their health. But it is also found in different colors and patterns, which give them an adorable look.

Types of Pied French Bulldogs according to Color and Patterns

They came in different varieties and patterns; some of them are mentioned below.

Eye Color

These beautiful Merle French Bulldogs were born with gray or blue eyes, but when they became adults, their eye color changed to brown. Their eyes have a wide gap between them. In lighter colors, pied merle French bulldog eyes vary according to the pattern color, but in general they are dark brown or black.


Pied French Bulldog have a muscular chest, which they get from their bulldog parent side, and a slim waist, which comes from ratter.

Weight and Size

An adult pied merle French bulldog has 20 to 30 pounds of weight, depending on their diet, exercise, and environment.

They are small breed dogs, so they have 10 to 12 inches of height when they are standing, but they have long legs in comparison to other small breeds.


They are healthy dogs and do not demand too much care beyond their basic needs. They usually live a healthy life, and their life expectancy is 10 to 15 years. Their age also depends on some other factors, like a good diet, regular cleaning, a hygienic environment, etc.

Liter Size

Their liter size normally varies between 3 and 5 puppies. It also depends on the age and health of the female pied merle Frenchie. But they have a good life span, and they almost always deliver puppies during their lifetime.

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Price of a Pied Merle French Bulldog

You can add this furry friend to your family after spending six to seven thousand dollars.

Pied French Bulldog

Behavior of the Pied Merle French Bulldog

Because of their ancestors, the Pied Merle French Bulldog has very calm and gentle behavior. They are very intelligent and opinionated, and this made them a little stubborn. They are also very attached to their owner and feel separation anxiety when left in an apartment for a long time.

These merle pied frenchies are great with children and spend good time by providing their joyful company. They are also great with other animals, including dogs. But if they do not train well, they will show destructive behavior. So, to overcome this behavior, you have to introduce them to strangers at an early age so that they will be comfortable meeting people and other animals.

Training of the Pied-Merle French Bulldog

They are very intelligent dogs, which is why they are a little opinionated, which makes them a little hard to train. But if you are able to train them once, they will feel comfortable and not show any bad behavior.

Training and socializing at an early age made them very gentle and calm. The treat-giving technique is the best way to train your dog. Also, do not pressurize your dog; this will build anxiety in them. Always start with small steps, like where to sleep, where to get food, etc. Try to give him a healthy treat after completing every task.

Pied French Bulldog

Grooming of the Pied Merle French Bulldog


Pied merle French bulldogs do not need daily bathing. They have short hair and a beautiful shiny coat, which is usually clean. No doubt, they have a white color in their bodies, which fades away very quickly during walking and exercising. But their coat is so smooth that it looks clean throughout. You can give them a bath once every one or two weeks. It also depends on their activities and environment.


They also do not need a regular hair brush because they do not shed a lot. You can easily manage their hair by brushing it once or twice a week to remove dead skin and extra hair.

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Teeth brushing is also a very necessary part of grooming. They have to brush once a day to keep their mouths clean and prevent stomach issues.

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They have short hair, so they do not need trimming every two weeks. They can easily pass four to five months after trimming if you take care of their hair and brush them when needed, especially before and after a bath.

Pied French Bulldog

Ear Cleaning

They have open, straight hair just like cats, and these types of hair carry dust very easily, which produces wax in their ears. So, their ear cleaning is also a very important part of their grooming.

Nail cutting: Pied-merle French Bulldogs are not made for farm houses. So they can’t do a lot of physical exercise. Because of this, their nails grow very quickly, and you have to trim them every couple of days.

Breed characteristic summary of the Pied Merle French Bulldog
Size10 to 13 inches
Weight25 to 30 pounds
Life Span5 to 8 years
CoatShort, smooth, and straight hair, less shedding, and easy to groom.
ColorThey are found in different colors and patterns, but their general color is white with big black patches.
TemperamentsFriendly, calm, and loyal
IntelligenceVery intelligent
SocializationGreat at socialization if they train well.
Destructive BehaviorStubborn and opinionated, they feel separation anxiety when left alone or when they miss their owner.
People SkillsLove to meet with other people if train in their early age.
Behavior with childrenGreat with children
Behavior with other animals and dogsEasily adjust to other animals and dogs
ExerciseYou need half to one hour of daily exercise.
Liter Size3 to 5 puppies


What is a pied French bulldog?

Pied merle The French Bulldog is a very popular small breed all over the world, especially in Europe. They have very calm behavior and do not need strict monetization, which gives their owner a little relaxation. They have beautiful color patterns on their bodies. These patterns and cuteness are the actual reason for their fame.

Are pied merle French bulldogs rare?

It is a unique breed with unique abilities, but it is not too rare because of its popularity. You can find it in almost all reputable kennel clubs.

Can you breed two pied French bulldogs?

Yes, you can breed them without any doubts and get healthy puppies. But their color totally depends on the way they are bred.

How much are blue pied french bulldogs?

Blue pied french bulldogs almost have the same price, but their attractive blue color makes them a little expensive, and you have to pay six to seven thousand dollars for this furry friend.

What are fawn pied french bulldog?

A pied fawn french bulldog is a beautiful variation of the french bulldog breed. This coat color is characterized by a fawn or tan base color patches of white, which can appear anywhere on the dog’s body and vary in size and color. They are also known as french bulldog pied fawn.

Pied French Bulldog

Final Thoughts

This article is all about the Pied French Bulldog and gives almost all related information about this dog that anyone needs before adding a pied merle Frenchie to his family. This breed has all the qualities that an owner who lives in a small apartment or does not have time to take all day care of their pet needs.

They almost have same traits except their colors. They found in different colors like pied merle french bulldog, blue pied french bulldog, fawn pied french bulldog, french bulldog pied fawn.

This breed is very easy to maintain because of its smooth, shiny coat and short hair. It also needs a lot of exercise. One hour of exercise is enough for them. So, if you’re thinking about adding this joyful member to your family. So, what are you waiting for? Get one cute little pup for you for a happy life.

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