Amazing Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies – Ultimate Guide

To keep a Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies looking its best requires specific attention. When it comes to larger dogs, they demand more time and attention. Before having a huge do, you must be pretty sure that you want it. It is difficult for shepherds to adjust to new families, since they have a solid attachment to their current ones.

Grooming Tips for Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

Any dog’s care is a challenge. Each dog breed has its own unique needs. We’ve compiled a list of nine helpful hints that will make owning a long-haired, fluffy German Shepherd more enjoyable. You can enjoy your connection with your dog to the fullest after knowing how to maintain it is looking and feeling its best. Learn more about Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies.

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

 Dogs of all sizes and breeds require specific care and attention. Taking care of it is your responsibility. The most experienced dog owners claim that caring for their pets is more complex than caring for their children. So make sure you’re prepared.

This list can help you get the work done more quickly.

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Regular Brushing

Regular brushing is necessary for long-haired Shepherds. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably three times a day. Using a hairbrush, you may prevent tangles and an overabundance of loose hair. In a year, a dog loses its coat. 

Homeowners who have long hair find it a nuisance because it gets stuck in their vacuum cleaners and causes blockages. The quantity of hair on the floor may be reduced by brushing your pet daily.

Not Regularly Bathing

As a new dog owner, you may think that long-haired shaved German shepherds need to be cleaned often because they acquire a lot of dirt. Shepherds, on the other hand, are harmed by excessive washing. When they come into touch with water, their skin gets very dry—bathing your dog once a month is aplenty. 

If your dog has fleas or becomes excessively unclean, you may want to bathe it more frequently than once a week. Avoid getting shampoo on the dog’s skin while bathing him with shampoo.

Check the Teeth

Long-haired Teeth issues are common in German Shepherds. Dogs may still build hazardous plaque even if they are adequately fed. Every week, you must use a specific brush to clean the dog’s teeth

For dogs, there is special toothpaste available. Keep in mind to clean your gums, too. You may also purchase hard cookies that remove plaque from the teeth when chewed by your dog.

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

Trimming Nails

Any dog’s biggest enemy is long toenails. They might injure you or themselves if they use such nails. As a result, too-long nails are more prone to breaking. You must do several things every week to keep your toenails in control. 

Toenail trimming may be a thorn in the side of some dog owners, so they take their dogs to a professional groomer instead. Trim with extreme caution. Cutting too profoundly might cause bleeding, so it’s preferable to keep them in place for a little longer.

Cleaning Ears

The most delicate part of a dog’s body is its ear. So it’s critical to maintain a clean environment. At least once a week, check your dog’s ears. They tend to accumulate wax and other contaminants. Clean your ears using ear drops. There’s no need to get your hands dirty. 

Don’t ever use tap water to clean your pet’s ear canals. It may spread infection. Make sure your black long-haired German Shepherd is relaxed before beginning the ear cleaning. Avoid places with many people and loud sounds while grooming your pet.

Do Regular Checkups

Dogs are susceptible to a variety of illnesses. Similar to German Shepherds, Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies have the same issues. Dogs with hip dysplasia, eczema, epilepsy, and gastrointestinal issues are frequent in this breed. 

You must take your pet to the veterinarian at least once a year to ensure its health. In addition to x-rays and blood testing, the examination may involve additional diagnostics. The average lifespan of a German Shepherd is between 9 and 13 years.

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Daily Exercises for Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies:

Diet and exercise are critical to the well-being of Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies. It’s important to remember that these dogs have a lot of energy to use. They are fine inside dogs, but only if you give them the freedom to run about as much as they want. 

Outdoor sports like running or jogging might fulfill the dog’s need for exercise. You may get two birds with one stone by having your dog accompany you as you exercise.

Good Living Conditions for Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies:

This kind of fluffy Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies is best kept indoors. Even though it seems to be a decent barrier against the elements, it isn’t. As a result, it is hard to separate the object from its owner because of the deep emotional ties. The dog must have a place to call home.

If you want your dog to feel like it has its area, you’ll need to purchase a big enough bed for it to sleep on and some toys to make it feel like it does. Some dog owners choose to purchase or construct a cage big enough to suit their pets.

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Provide Human Contact

To keep a German shepherd happy and healthy, its owners must give it a lot of love and care. Workaholics, who spend extended periods away from home, may not find this dog ideal. Large families eager to play and exercise all day long would love this dog. Shepherds are excellent with children and make wonderful pets.

long haired german shepherd (3)

Grooming Tools for Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

A grooming kit may be in order if you’re bringing a long-haired German Shepherd puppy home soon. Selecting the right items for your dog’s coat can make your task much more straightforward.

Here are a few goods that could interest you.

Using a self-cleaning slicker brush on your long-haired German Shepherd’s coat all year round is ideal. The flexible metal bristles are meant to penetrate your dog’s double coat and remove any loose hair. 

Using this brush’s self-cleaning function is a huge time-saver, as you can click the button to remove any collected hair.

  • Using a 2-sided de-matting comb, detangling tangles don’t need tugging on your German Shepherd’s long hair coat. For delicate skin, this brush has rounded ends.
  • If you have a long-haired German Shepherd, you may want to bathe him every few months or so. 
  • When caring for an animal with sensitive skin, hypoallergenic pet shampoo is an intelligent choice. 
  • Keeping your dog’s coat in tip-top shape is as simple as using a conditioner-infused soap-free shampoo.
  • A de-shedding tool is essential for long-haired German Shepherds during shedding season. Designed to remove the German shepherd shedding undercoat without harming the topcoat, these tools are ideal for the job.
  • If you have a long-haired German Shepherd puppy, you’ll want to invest in a vacuum that’s mainly built to handle pet hair.
  • It doesn’t matter how well your dog is groomed; you’ll still find dog hairs throughout the home. Selecting a vacuum capable of removing hair from the floor and furniture is a wise decision.

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Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies Health Concern:

Some German shepherd owners are wondering if dogs can eat watermelon? So, the answer is Yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind. In the first place, seeds may produce an obstruction in the intestine, so be careful to remove them. Additionally, it’s best to remove the rind since it might induce digestive distress.

For dogs, what are the health advantages of watermelon? Vitamins A, B6, and C and potassium are found in the fruit, which is low in calories and high in nutrients. There are approximately 50 calories per cup and 92% water in the fruit, making it a fantastic thirst-quencher in the summer. It’s also low in fat and cholesterol, so you don’t have to worry about overindulging.

Is Watermelon Safe for Your German Shepherd?

Watermelon is an excellent treat for your German Shepherd! And in many circumstances, they’ll be more convenient to consume than a complete piece of cake.

 Before doing anything further, make sure that the watermelon is safe to eat by removing the seeds and rind. You may then feed your German Shepherd watermelons in various creative ways.

Blended into Shake

Watermelons are a terrific treat for your German Shepherd if they are made into a smoothie. And you’re not limited to watermelon for your fruit of choice. Strawberries, bananas, carrots, and apples are all great additions.

long haired german shepherd (5)

Freeze It

Alternatively, you may freeze the watermelon and feed it to your dog. This approach is fantastic since you can freeze it in whatever way you choose. A complete slice may be frozen and given to them as a reward, or you can chop it up and use it as a reward for your dog’s training.

You may also use frozen watermelon to ease a teething dog!

Incorporate Into Diet

Add some watermelon to your German Shepherd’s meal or breakfast if they’re becoming a little bored. The dishes will be a lot better, whether you mash it up or chop it up!

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Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies Personalities

It’s recommended to visit local breeders while looking for long-haired German Shepherd puppies. See if you can meet both parents to get a sense of their personalities.

It’s essential to explore whether puppies whose parents are both working might be better suited to a household with children. Short-haired pups are more frequent, but German Shepherd puppies are rarer even. Short hair results from a dominant gene, whereas long hair is recessive in German Shepherd dogs.

This implies that short-haired German Shepherds may also possess the gene, but their coats won’t show it. Some German Shepherd breeders believe that the long hair of some of their dogs is a “genetic defect.”

The breed standard indicates a medium-length coat, which may be why this is the case. There is no evidence to imply that the long-haired gene is defective, at least not in the scientific community. As a result, it may be more correct to refer to German Shepherds being bred, particularly for the show ring, as unwanted.

However, some breeders may choose to cross two dogs with the recessive gene for long hair to produce a long-haired show dog. There’s a chance that some pups will be long-haired. German Shepherds with long hair are a specialty breed for certain breeders. However, there are numerous long-haired German Shepherd pups available.


How can I tell if my German shepherd puppy is long or short-haired?

Both long and short-haired German Shepherds have the same coat length, which is the sole variation. The breed standard states that a German Shepherd should have a medium-length double coat. 

However, German Shepherds who are not meant for the show ring frequently have significantly shorter or longer coats than the ideal. If you’re looking to get the most out of your German Shepherd, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting one that has two coats. 

It is possible that certain German Shepherds, both long and short-haired, have only one coat.

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How much is a long-haired German shepherd?

Short and long-haired German Shepherd pups were both available at publishing. From $275 to $1800, we discovered long-haired pups. On the other hand, German shepherd short-hair costs between $250 and $4495.

Because of this, a long-haired German Shepherd puppy will cost less than a short-haired German Shepherd puppy at the end of the day.

What is a long-haired German shepherd called?

Long-haired German Shepherds are referred to as “long coat” German Shepherds, whereas short-haired German Shepherds are referred to as “regular coat” or “stock coat.” Stock hair or “length stock hair with undercoat” are more precise terms used in the breeding and show dog sector.

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies


There is nothing better than a long-haired German Shepherd to own. Keeping them clean, groomed, and happy is all you need to do. If you care about dogs, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to do this. 

They have the same disposition and health as a German Shepherd, with short hair. They do, however, need a significant amount of care to keep their long coats in order. Your long-haired dog’s grooming regimen will quickly become second nature to you.

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