Welcome to my MetaWoofs, I am Elijah and created this website for all the new and experienced dog owners, email me on [email protected].

I love my dogs and want to share the knowledge I have with the new Dog owners. I will be creating all the informational articles and the knowledge I have to help you in understanding how to have a good life for your MetaWoofs.

Our goal has always been to give you the most current information on puppies and other dog breeds. We wish to present you with information that is simple to understand and valuable.

Before we even begin writing an article, we spend several hours researching a topic or testing products in order to do this. We’ve also met and spoken with MetaWoofs breeders from all across the country to gather the most up-to-date knowledge on ethical breeding. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all things dog and MetaWoofs!