Pug Lab mix – Ultimate Guide

Pug Lab mix Puppies are a very loving designer breed of dog. They are small in size but high in energy. They have wrinkles on their face and a cute, medium-sized snout. They also have flappy ears, which make them more adorable.

As per the AKC, they are best friends and family members. They like to play with children and other family members. They mostly love indoor play times.

Pug Lab mix

Pug Lab mix Puppies are found in different body appearances that depend on their parent breed and the traits that they carry from their parents.

To know more about pugs. Let’s take a look at the ultimate pug guide.

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What is Pug Lab mix Puppies?

Pug Lab mix Puppies are a hybrid breed of Pug and Beagle. They were bred in the 1980s by a pet store in Wisconsin, US, and became popular in the 1990s due to their friendly nature. In 2005, this breed was recognized as the most owned breed by breeders. They get good characters from their parent breeds.

Mostly pugs get brown eyes, a gentle nature, and floppy ears from their beagle parent and wrinkled faces, a curled tail, and thick muscles from the pug side.

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They make excellent outdoor companions for tracking or jogging, as well as friendly family pets.Like all other pets, they love the attention of their owner and to spend time with them.

Because of their intelligence, they are a little stubborn and want little effort in training. But puppy-age training can help the owner reduce this problem.

Pug Lab mix

Let’s start with their parent characteristics.

  • Beagles:Beagles are small, muscular dogs. They are also known as “small hound dogs.” They are also lovable as pets because of their gentle nature. Due to their strong muscles, they have an athletic body. They have big brown eyes and floppy ears.
  • Pugs:Pugs are a breed of toy dog that originated in China. They have thickly layered skin and wrinkles all over the body, especially on the face. They are found in different colors. They are also known as “royal lap dogs,” and are breeds that are suitable for living with families in cities and small apartments.

Appearance of Pug Lab mix Puppies


Pug Lab mix Puppies mostly have a straight-haired coat, which is found in moderate density. Because of their parent breed, they shed more than other dogs. But the good thing is that their hair is short and therefore easily removeable. They have moderate hair density, and their coat makes them attractive.

They have a double coat. The upper coat is smooth with silky hair, and the undercoat is denser than the upper coat.


Pug Lab mix Puppies are found in different colors, which are also found in their parents. Their coloring includes:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • White
  • Red

Eyes and Nose Color

Pug Lab mix Puppies have brown, sharp eyes with a black outline. They have a little black button-like nose.

Size of Pug Lab mix Puppies

Pug Lab mix Puppiesare medium-sized dogs. Adult dogs’ range in size from 20 cm to 38 cm.

Weight of Pug Lab mix Puppies

Fully grown pugs weigh between 6.8 kg and 14 kg.

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Black Pug Lab mix Puppies

Black Puggle

Black Puggle Lab Mix Puppies are also classified as small dogs.They have a very smooth upper coat, which gives them a shinier look. They have floppy ears and jet-black eyes.

They are very gentle in nature and love to cuddle with their owner. They are trainable even at such a young age.


As their name shows, they are black from head to toe. They have a shiny, double black coat, which makes them more attractive. Due to their double coat, they shed a lot, and they are not suitable for people with allergies.

Size and Weight of Black Pug Lab mix Puppies

Black pugs are found within the range of 10 to 15 inches. Adult black pugs weigh anywhere from 14 to 30 pounds.

Temperament of Black Pug Lab mix Puppies

Black pugs are very lovable friends and good pets, too. They enjoy sitting on their owner’s lap. They are not working dogs, nor are they good watchdogs. They are very social with strangers. They are also good with other animals.

Grooming a black pug

Black pugs do not need too many grooming sessions. They have silky, shiny, and small hairs. They need only one bath a month. Their coat remains clean for the whole month. They need little trimming of their short silver nails and brush their teeth on a daily basis.

Price of a Black Pug Lab mix Puppies

The price of a black pug ranges between $1,000 and $2,000 USD. 

Life Span of Pug Lab mix Puppies

The lives of puppies depend on their care and health factors. A healthy pug’s life span varies between 10 and 15 years.

Puggle Lab Mix Puppies

Price of Pug Lab mix Puppies

Pug Lab mix Puppies are also known as designer breeds. Their prices depend on their age, size, color, family, and breeder.

Pug Lab mix costs between $500 and $2000 on average.      

Temperament of Pug Lab mix Puppies

Pug Lab mix Puppies are good-natured, very sweet, and lovely dogs. They are very friendly and loyal towards family members and other dogs. They are also very polite with children.

They love to go outside and spend most of their time there. They can bear both hot and cold weather. They are somewhat sensitive to the owner’s behavior.They are easily adapted to a small place like an apartment. They love the music.

Puggles are good for joint families and for those people who are very fond of listening to loud music. They love the company of people. They can tolerate being alone at home. They are also good for job seekers.

Puggles require about 30 minutes of exercise or a walk per day.They are generally energetic and play around the whole house. They get bored easily and start leading towards barking, digging, chewing, and howling. They are also fond of playing with toys. They enjoy going for a walk and running here and there in a spacious place.

Puggles are very brave and protective. They take care of their owners. They love the company of other dogs and love to go on play dates. They remain gentle with their friends.

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Puggle Lab Mix Puppies

Grooming and Styling

Pug Lab mix Puppies have a double coat with straight, short hairs. But because of their shedding nature, they also shed a little more than other dogs. But their hairs are not sticky and are easily removed by a simple brush.

Combing and Bathing

No doubt they have short hair, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to comb and bathe. You have to comb them once a week with a silicon-bristled brush. Their combing is much easier than other dogs’ because of their gentle nature and short, silky hair.

They shed more in the spring and autumn seasons. These seasons are also called the shedding seasons of puggles. In these seasons, you have to take care of them.

Puggles need one bath per month. Too much bathing is not good for them. It causes their skin to become dry.Mostly, their coats remain clean and shiny for the whole month if you give them a bath once a month. Use good-quality shampoo and conditioner for them.

Do not use human shampoo or conditioner on your dog; it will harm them. During bathing, carefully observe that the shampoo is not getting into your puppy’s eyes, nose, or ears. This will hurt them, and they don’t like baths anymore. After shampooing and conditioning, thoroughly rinse your dog and inspect the entire body to ensure that no shampoo remains on its body.

After bathing, clean your dog’s eyes, nose, and ears with a clean, wet towel.

If you notice anything weird on your pug’s skin while brushing or bathing, immediately consult your veterinarian.

Puggle Lab Mix Puppies

Brushing and clipping

Brushing your puppy’s teeth regularly will help you maintain their overall health. Brush your dog’s teeth with a dog tooth brush and toothpaste.Do not use human toothpaste for dogs; it will not be good for their health. If dog brush and tooth paste are not available, use wet gauze on its teeth.

When your Puggles nails need clipping, clip their nail immediately.Long nails can cause scratches on their pug’s face and also cause cracks to develop in them, which are not good for their health. But be careful not to overtrim them. They have a small vein in their body. if you do not cut it carefully. It starts bleeding. Trim only the silver part of the nail with a guillotine nail clipper.

How to Train Pug Lab mix Puppies

Puggle Lab Mix Puppies are very intelligent dogs, and according to dog trainers, intelligent dogs are a little hard to train. They became a little stubborn during training.

Early-age training is more helpful in training sessions. Little Pup understands your moves more easily and becomes an obedient dog.

Training in the administration of treats is more beneficial than any other type of training.Every time your dog obeys your command or follows your instruction, reward it with a small treat.Treats may be in the form of their favorite food or their favorite biscuit.

Punishment training is not helpful for them. After punishment, they refused to listen to your commands and became depressed.

Puggle Lab Mix Puppies training should not be done in long sessions. Give the 5-minute session training and repeat it 4 to 5 times per day.

Do not let your puppy do anything wrong in its early years. If you do not stop them, bad habits will fit into their behavior, and it will become very hard to correct it after an early age.

Pug Lab mix PuppiesBreed Characteristics
Weight6.8-14 kgs
Life Span10-15 years
Coatdouble, short-hair coat
ColorGenerally, they are found in white, black, tan, and red colors.
SheddingShed a lot; shed more in spring and autumn
TemperamentsLoyal, good-tempered, friendly, of a gentle nature, sometimes stubborn
Intelligenceintelligent and strongly opinionated, but a little hard to train
Socializationvery social with other people
Destructive BehaviorThey are difficult to train because of their intelligence and stubborn nature
People Skillsfriendly with people and children

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Puggle Lab Mix Puppies


This ultimate guide to Pug Lab mix provides all the information about this breed. In short, pugs are medium-sized dogs that are very friendly by nature. They are a good choice for people living in apartments. They are healthy dogs and love the company of their owner.

They are also very good family dogs and are good with children. They love to play inside and outside of the apartment. But after all their good points, they are not good for people with allergies because, because of their double coat, they shed a lot, especially in the spring and autumn.

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