Amazing Long Haired Dalmatian – Ultimate Guide

Long Haired Dalmatian are purebred dogs. They are medium-sized dogs with a muscular body. They have long, strong legs, which give them a straight, active look.

Furthermore, they have black spots on their bodies, which make them more graceful. You can check for the health of these dogs at AKC website.

long haired dalmatian
Lemon Dalmatian in Grass

They are very active and energetic dogs and love to play outside. They need a good amount of exercise or long walks. They are very protective of their family. They are also good with children, but you have to supervise them because of their high energy level and big size for children.

They take some time to socialize with other people and animals. But if you start their meetings at an early age, they are okay with strangers.

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Long Haired Dalmatian Mix are highly trainable, you just have to work on their social behavior, otherwise they start understanding your instructions in a short period of time.

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History of the Long Haired Dalmatian

Long Haired Dalmatian were also known as hunting dogs. They are Croatians. They were used to pull carts and carriages. They were registered by the American Kennel Club in 1888.

They were the most popular dog in the 1800s in England. Their popularity grew following the release of the Disney film “101 Dalmatians” and, in 2021, the release of the film “Cruella.”

They were shipped from England to countries all over the world because of their popularity. They are now considered a rare breed and are not as popular as short-haired Dalmatian.

lemon spotted dalmatian
Long Haired Dalmatian in the Field

Appearance of the Lemon Dalmatian:

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Long Haired Dalmatian have a furry coat on their whole body. Their coat length is 2 to 4inches. They do not look shiny because of their fur. They shed a lot throughout the year.

They are pure white during their birth, but after 2 to 3 weeks, spots start appearing on their body. Their long hair genes are recessive, which makes long-haired Dalmatians rarer.

Spot Colors

Most spots are black in color and present all over the body. But spots are also found in brown, blinder, and lemon colors. Every Dalmatian Long hair has a different number and shape of spots, like human fingerprints.

Head and Face

They have a flat face with a wide head. They have a black or brown snout and alert eyes, which usually have eyespots around them. Eye colors vary between brown and blue. They have small, dropped ears.

Size and Weight

Dalmatian Long hair have an athletic, medium-sized body with long legs. But they look feathery because of their fur. They have a long tail that is slightly curled at the end.

They are 19 to 24 inches tall and 48 to 55 pounds. Lemon Spot Dalmatian are bigger than female ones.

Life Span of a Long Haired Dalmatian

A healthy Dalmatian Long Hair lives 10 to 15 years on average. They have a shorter lifespan as compared to any other dog because of genetic health issues.

Lemon Dalmatian Puppies

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Dalmatian Long hair Mix

The Dalmatian Long Hair with long hair is a pure breed. They are found in two variations of their coat, which depend on their coat’s length. This occurs because of the recessive nature of the long hair gene.

You can get a long-haired Dalmatian if both parents are long-haired. Breeding with short-haired Dalmatians decreases the possibility of long-haired Dalmatian litters, and you mostly get short-haired Dalmatians because of a recessive gene.

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Long Haired Dalmatian Price

Long Haired Dalmatian are surprisingly found at a lower price than other dogs. You just have to pay 600 to 1200 dollars for this helpful companion.

Dalmatian Long Hair Breeder

You must contact various breeders and visit their websites if you want to add a Long Haired Dalmatian to your family. Do they have your desired breed? If you come across that option, look into the breeder’s reputation. If you get your dog from a good breeder, your dog will have fewer health issues. There are many good Long Haired Dalmatian breeders in the country.

Here is the list of some good breeders.

  1. Dalmatians in Paradise
  2. Ranch Country Nightz
  3. The Wildlife Kennel
  4. Alpha and Omega Dalmatians
  5. Snowood Dalmatians
Dalmatian Long Hair
Dalmatian Long Hair Puppies Run Glade

Temperament of the Dalmatian Long hair

Dalmatian Long hair have an athletic, muscular body with a very high energy level. They are highly trainable. They are fiercely protective of their families and vigilant watchdogs.

They love the company of their owner and do not like to stay alone without any family members. They love to play with children, but during play with children they need the supervision of an adult because of their large size, which is too big for children to handle.

If they are trained well, they are very playful and patient and will help you in your different activities, like looking for sheep, cows, or horses. They can easily catch running animals from the farm and keep an eye on everything happening around them.

They are also very good partners for hiking, camping, or climbing because of their long and strong legs. They are very good companions for people who like different adventures and love to do a lot of exercise.

They are good rescue dogs, and if they start socializing at an early age, they are also very friendly with other dogs and animals.

Destructive Behavior of a Dalmatian Long hair:

If this breed, like any other, is not trained in its early years, it will exhibit aggressive behavior towards strangers and other animals.

They also show destructive behavior if left alone in the house, and in serious conditions, they can ruin your whole house in a very short period of time.

They will also begin tearing furniture and chewing on your shows if you do not pay attention to them.

They also have a very high demand for physical exercise to calm this energetic breed; otherwise, they become depressed and start scratching different things.

Dalmatians inherit deafness from their parents, making it difficult for them to understand different instructions from their owner.

Training of a Dalmatian Long hair

Lemon spotted Dalmatian

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Lemon spot Dalmatian need a high level of exercise, but their early age makes training very necessary to harness all their energy and make them a happy dog. You have to start their socializing and their training sessions when they are between 3 and 12 weeks old.

They need 1 to 2 hours of daily exercise.

You have to build a healthy relationship with them and provide them with a trust-worthy environment. And keep in mind that they were born to run. But this problem can be easily solved if you buy a treadmill for your dog or go out with them on a long walk.

They become destructive when left alone at home, but you can overcome this issue by giving them their favorite toy and keeping them busy with different indoor activities.

There is a misconception about Dalmatians that they have aggressive behavior with strangers and other animals, but you have to keep in mind that an aggressive dog is always an untrained or poorly trained dog. If you do not keep an eye on your dog’s activities and let them do what they want, they will obviously become destructive or show aggressive behavior.

Treat-giving training is the best training for your dog, and to overcome their deafness problem, you have to praise your dog every time they follow your instruction and also divert their attention by calling them or showing different things that they like if they show any bad behavior.

Punishment training is not good for your dog; it will make them stubborn and lose their trust in you.

Lemon Dalmatian
Lemon Dalmatian puppies with Flowers

Grooming and Care of a Dalmatian Long Hair Puppies

As we know, Dalmatian Long Hair Puppies have a smooth but dense coat, and they shed a lot throughout the year. So, they need a lot of grooming and care to keep them fit.


Dalmatian Long Hair need brushing on a daily basis to keep their coat healthy and detangle their hair. Also, brushing regularly keeps your coat smooth, and you will not find hairs all over your house. Use a good-quality bristle brush for them, and if you find any scratches on their skin while brushing, immediately contact your veterinary doctor.

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Depending on their activity level and the dirtiness of their coat, Lemon Spot Dalmatian should be bathed once a week. During bathing, give them massages to keep their coat smooth and clean. Use good-quality dog shampoo and conditioner for them, and after bathing, dry them with a smooth cotton towel.


Long Haired Dalmatian have sensitive ears and a deafness problem. So you keep a close eye on them and clean their ears once or twice a month with small cotton gauze. If you find any redness in their ears, immediately contact your vet.

Brushing and clipping

Like all other dogs, Long Haired Dalmatian need good care of their teeth and nails. Use dog toothpaste to brush their teeth and trim their nails twice a month, depending on the length of their nails.

Long nails make scratches on their faces, and they will also be harmful to you and any children present in the family.

lemon dalmatian
Funny Long Haired Dalmatian dog on an Armchair
Long Haired DalmatianBreed Characteristics
Size19 to 24 inches
Weight48 to 55 pounds
Life Span10 to 15 years
Coatsmooth and long hairs
Colorwhite coat with black, tan, brown, and lemon spots
SheddingPeople who suffer from allergies should avoid shedding throughout the year.
TemperamentsHighly energetic, lovable, and playful, and easily socializes with others.
Intelligencevery intelligent and good in training sessions
Destructive BehaviorIf not properly trained, they become aggressive and show destructive behavior.
Litter Size6 to 9 puppies on average
Behavior with ChildrenIf properly trained, they are very good and protective towards children and other family members.
Activity Levelhyperactive and very energetic
Long Haired Dalmatian

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Lemon Spotted Dalmatian


Long Haired Dalmatian are very energetic dogs and a good choice for people with high energy levels and working families. They are also very loyal friends for a family. They are good training dogs and watch dogs.

They also love to play with children. But if they train well, you can also control their aggressive behavior. They are not for people who have allergies to hair because of their shedding coat.

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