Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies!

Aspiring dog owners should strongly consider getting a Yorkshire Terrier, a teddy bear cut for Yorkies. Yorkies are famous among dog enthusiasts because, like all breeds, they have several distinctive personality qualities.

The most amazing is Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies. These characteristics make them wonderful companions, including their stunning coats and expressive features.

teddy bear cut for yorkie

Everyone adores Yorkies for their luxurious coat. While frequent bathing and combing are essential components of at-home grooming for Yorkies, professional haircuts keep your puppy tidy, healthy, and looking like a million bucks.

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Decision-making can be difficult because there are so many lovely haircuts for Yorkies. The most common haircut for Yorkies at home is the teddy bear cut, even though show Yorkies can have floor-length coats and topknots.

Comprehensive Characteristics of Teddy Bear Yorkies

CharacteristicTeddy Bear Yorkies
SizeSmall (usually 7-10 inches at the shoulder)
Weight4-7 pounds
Coat TypeLong, silky, and straight
Coat ColorVarious colors including black, tan, and
blue with tan markings
TemperamentAffectionate, playful, and alert
Energy LevelModerate
Lifespan12-15 years
Health ProblemsHypoglycemia, Dental issues, Patellar
Luxation, Collapsed Trachea
Caring– Regular grooming: Brush their long
silky coat to prevent tangles and mats.
– Dental care: Regular teeth brushing and
professional cleanings as needed.
– Balanced diet: Provide high-quality
dog food to maintain their health.
– Exercise: Daily walks and playtime to
keep them physically and mentally
– Regular vet check-ups: Ensure their
health and address any potential issues.
Price Range$800 – $3,000 (depending on various
factors like breeder, lineage, and location)
Fun Activities– Play fetch: They love chasing after
toys and balls.
– Agility training: Their intelligence
and agility make them great candidates
for this activity.
– Dog park adventures: Socializing with
other dogs can be great fun for them.
– Dress-up games: Due to their adorable
appearance, dressing them up can be
entertaining for you and them.
Characteristics of Teddy Bear Yorkies

Appearance of Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies

The Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies could be the best option for your pets as fall or even winter weather approaches. This style strikes an ideal compromise between exceptional even coat coverage and acceptable length. Given these factors, the cut will provide your Yorkie with the warmth he requires while requiring minimal maintenance.

Depending on the owner’s preferences and the groomer’s style, the Teddy Bear cut trims the Yorkie’s coat to a length of half an inch, an inch, two inches, or three inches. This cut’s attractive feature is how it simultaneously creates a fluffy and soft appearance.

More frequent grooming appointments are needed to maintain the proper hair length with this haircut. To prevent hair knots, it also necessitates constant brushing. Nevertheless, despite all mentioned above, maintaining this cut is relatively easy.

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The Teddy Bear Cut: A Brief Overview

The typical Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies follows the its face’s natural curves. The body, legs, and face all remain the same length in the traditional amount.

Contrary to popular misconception, the Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies has no prescribed hair length. We can find a wide range of opinions from one groomer to another.

Let’s say you want to dress up your Yorkie with fancy accessories. In that situation, you can ask the groomer to lengthen the hair on the head so you can dress it up with bows and other accessories.

yorkie with teddy bear cut

With long hair and with cottony hair look great in the Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies. This cut also aids in determining the optimal haircut for the dog’s face.

This saves us time as we select the dog’s cutest and most appealing appearance. The hair will need to be trimmed to an easy-to-maintain length by the groomer.

How soon Should you Cut your Yorkie Puppy’s First Hair?

Before six months, the majority of Yorkies have their first haircut. The look of Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies depends on the length of your Yorkie’s coat, the weather, and your dog’s immunizations, whether you go at the four-month or five-month mark. 

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It would be best to wait until your puppy has all its vaccines before taking it for a haircut. Your Yorkie will undoubtedly meet many other animals if you take them to a crowded pet salon. You run the danger of giving your dog the wrong vaccinations.

Pros of a teddy bear cut for Yorkie.

These are some of the benefits of this Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies:

Teddy Bear Yorkie haircuts are quite attractive.

The Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies strikes the ideal blend between elegance and balance. This cut is distinguished by its capacity to maintain a dazzling bright coat and highlights while adding a smooth pattern covering most of its body, making it a great choice for enjoyable events.

Teddy Bear Cut is appropriate for almost every Event.

This Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor activities. This Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies will hold up whether you’re walking your dog or going to the park because it’s quite functional.

Yorkie Cut complements the Personality Traits of your teddy bear.

The Yorkie is a creative dog that excels at playing a variety of activities. It’s a Terrier, and Terriers have lots of energy! These canines make excellent watchdogs and adorable companions because of their wonderful personalities. Because of this, dog owners wishing to communicate the lovely quality of their Yorkie may find the teddy bear cut to be the ideal option.

Yorkie Cut is Quite Versatile:

The Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies is adaptable and allows dog owners to decide how much length they want. For instance, the groomer may give the dog a maintenance trim to prevent tangling while on a trip, or he could style it flawlessly.

Cons of a Teddy Bear Haircut for Yorkies

As with everything, there are always drawbacks of Teddy Bear cuts for Yorkies. Teddy bear haircuts are no different. Here are a few disadvantages:

Yorkie Cut Looks Messy.

Many Yorkie owners have expressed concern that the Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies might become messy, particularly if your dog is an active breed who enjoys playing outside. The hair may tangle when your fluffy dog rolls in the grass or a muddy puddle.

Grooming Can Be Challenging:

While this does not negatively impact the dog, some owners may find it difficult. The Yorkie is an engaging, high-maintenance dog breed; there is no denying it.

Controlling the robe’s cascading locks can be challenging when the dog is waving its tail in your lap.

teddy bear yorkie haircuts

Yorkie haircut requires a significant Time and Financial Investment.

You could get the ideal teddy bear effect by taking your pets to the groomer by Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies. Even if a Yorkie grooming is not very expensive, you will have to pay for it again.

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What To Give Your Pet This Year: 7 Elegant Teddy Bear Yorkie Haircut Designs!

There are various ways to express a style, and the Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies is no exception. You can see a variety of styles and variants of the teddy bear yorkie haircut below. Each option may have a distinct visual but follow the same general procedure.

Here is a list of 20 different types of Yorkie with Teddy Bear cut.

Classic Puppy CutShort and even all over, resembling a puppy.
Teddy Bear CutLong and fluffy, with rounded facial features.
Modified Schnauzer CutShort on the body, longer hair on the legs, and a beard on the face.
Top Knot CutHair gathered into a topknot on the head, while the body is kept medium length.
Shaved Ears CutEars are shaved short, and the rest of the coat is left long and fluffy.
Mohawk CutA strip of longer hair along the back resembling a Mohawk.
Short and Sweet CutShort all over for easy maintenance and a cute look.
Long and Luxurious CutFull, long coat for a regal and elegant appearance.
Summer TrimA light trim to keep the dog cool during hot months.
Fancy Bow CutHair is styled and adorned with bows or accessories.
Lion CutMane-like hair left around the neck, resembling a lion’s appearance.
Puppy Eyes CutHair is trimmed around the eyes, giving a youthful, innocent look.
Tousled CutA messy, tousled style for a playful and carefree appearance.
Pom-Pom CutRounded shapes left on the body, resembling pom-poms.
Curly CutHair is curled or left naturally curly for a unique and charming look.
Bandana Style CutA bandana or scarf is used as a stylish accessory around the neck.
Heart-Shaped CutHair on the back is styled into a heart shape for an adorable touch.
Beach Waves CutHair is styled with beach waves for a relaxed and casual appearance.
Flower Crown CutFlowers or floral accessories are used to create a cute crown on the head.
Bowtie Style CutA bowtie or bow accessory is placed around the neck for a dapper look.
Yorkie with Teddy Bear cut list

Remember that grooming styles can vary, and it’s essential to consult with a professional groomer to find the most suitable cut for your Teddy Bear Yorkie’s coat and personality.

We hope you get the style you were looking for or find a Teddy Bear Cut for Yorkies you feel sufficiently inspired to use on your cherished Yorkie!

  1. Classic Puppy Cut: This cut involves trimming the hair short and even all over the body, resembling the look of a puppy. It’s a simple and easy-to-maintain haircut.
  2. Teddy Bear Cut: The Teddy Bear Cut leaves the hair long and fluffy, giving your Yorkie a cute and cuddly appearance, similar to that of a teddy bear.
  3. Modified Schnauzer Cut: This cut keeps the body hair short while leaving longer hair on the legs and creating a beard on the face, reminiscent of a Schnauzer.
  4. Top Knot Cut: The hair on the head is gathered into a topknot, while the rest of the coat is kept at a medium length. It adds a touch of elegance to your Yorkie’s look.
  5. Shaved Ears Cut: Ears are shaved short, and the rest of the coat is left long and fluffy. This cut highlights the ears and can be quite stylish.
  6. Mohawk Cut: A strip of longer hair runs along the back, creating a Mohawk-like appearance. It adds a bold and playful touch to your Yorkie’s style.
  7. Short and Sweet Cut: The hair is trimmed short all over for easy maintenance and a cute, tidy look.
  8. Long and Luxurious Cut: This cut keeps the hair long and flowing, giving your Yorkie a regal and elegant appearance.
  9. Summer Trim: A light trim is given to keep your Yorkie cool during hot months, while still maintaining a cute look.
  10. Fancy Bow Cut: The hair is styled and adorned with bows or other accessories, adding a touch of glam to your Yorkie’s appearance.
  11. Lion Cut: The hair around the neck is left longer, resembling a lion’s mane, while the rest of the body is kept shorter.
  12. Puppy Eyes Cut: The hair around the eyes is trimmed, creating a youthful and innocent look, accentuating those adorable puppy eyes.
  13. Tousled Cut: This cut gives a messy, tousled appearance, adding a playful and carefree vibe to your Yorkie’s style.
  14. Pom-Pom Cut: Rounded shapes are left on the body, giving the appearance of cute pom-poms.
  15. Curly Cut: The hair is either naturally curly or styled with curls, giving your Yorkie a unique and charming appearance.
  16. Bandana Style Cut: This cut involves using a bandana or scarf as a stylish accessory around your Yorkie’s neck.
  17. Heart-Shaped Cut: The hair on the back is styled into a heart shape, adding an adorable touch to your Yorkie’s look.
  18. Beach Waves Cut: The hair is styled with beach waves, creating a relaxed and casual appearance.
  19. Flower Crown Cut: Flowers or floral accessories are used to create a cute crown on your Yorkie’s head, perfect for special occasions.
  20. Bowtie Style Cut: A bowtie or bow accessory is placed around your Yorkie’s neck, giving them a dapper and charming look.

When choosing a haircut for your Teddy Bear Yorkie, consider factors such as your dog’s coat type, grooming requirements, and personality.

It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional groomer to find the best haircut that suits your Yorkie’s individual needs and enhances their natural charm.

teddy bear cut for yorkies

The Traditional Teddy Bear Yorkie

Giving their Yorkie this look is a safe bet. It has the ideal texture, which provides it with a carefree air. The contrast of the colors and the blonde accents make the dog stand out, heightening its attraction.

To look at a unique aspect, the hair on the forehead is styled in a fringe-like fashion.

The Teddy Bear Updo

You should copy this look if you frequently take your dog grocery shopping, out to dinner, and on other outings.

Compared to the other possibilities, the teddy bear haircut needs to be slightly longer for this style. For the ponytail, make sure the length is at least 4 inches.

Use coconut or olive oil to give the hairstyle some grip and shine if you think it’s too relaxed and lacks substance. To alter the design’s contour, brush it later.

Teddy Bear Yorkie in a Short Cut

You can even choose a short-length teddy bear yorkie hairstyle if you want to join the trend without having to trim your dog regularly.

Start by trimming the body using clippers to get rid of the bulk. After that, cut the face with a larger guard and a hair comb. Use scissors or hair-cutting shears to gently reshape your Yorkie’s face to reduce the length as much as possible.

Messy Teddy bear

Nothing is cuter-looking than a bedhead-inspired hairstyle! If your Yorkie is always cool under pressure, even in challenging situations, the sloppy teddy bear style may be ideal.

The coat and the face are presented with a ton of density and fluffiness, giving it the best visual appeal.

This is a terrific look for your dog if they are already afraid of getting haircuts, in addition to the amazing graphics. It can easily be completed at home with the correct tools and an easy process that only requires minor tweaks.

Curly Bear

Dogs with curly hair are equally as attractive. It has a much more natural texture and lets its coat show through.

All you need to do is clip the ends of the strands to give your pet this appearance. If you’re inexperienced, you can cut your hair with shears, but if you want more texture and density, you can also utilize the razor approach.

Karen Yorkie

Give your dog the Karen look if they’re difficult and full of attitude.

The Karen cut, which looks like an inverted bob, is a terrific style for entertaining guests while relieving your Yorkie. Nothing shouts sass more than this variety, even though most of the patterns on this list are pleasing to the eye!

Side Part Bear Teddy

If your Yorkie enjoys cuddling up in bed and taking naps as a hobby, start incorporating this look right now! Please give them the side-parted teddy bear haircut, and pair them with a little hoodie or jumper to help them connect even more with their desire to stay in bed!  

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How to Use a Groomer: Some Tips

Most owners prefer to groom their small Yorkies and other pets at home. But this might not be feasible given schedules, aptitudes, and other reasons.

This implies that there will be occasions when you must take your pet to a grooming salon and allow the specialists to take care of it.

When you have to choose that grooming alternative, keep these suggestions in mind:

teddy bear cut for yorkies


Find out the groomer’s reputation by asking around. Consult previous customers, current ones, friends who have used a particular groomer, etc.

Take your pet there without hesitation if they have a good to excellent reputation.

Groomers who are frustrated

This could occur because some groomers find your inquiries bothersome or hesitate to respond. If you encounter one of these, move on to the next professional on your list. There are various groomers available for use.

Ask Questions:

Ask the correct questions when you locate a groomer with a solid reputation. You’ve identified an excellent groomer to use if they respond willingly, joyfully, etc.

It would be best if you inquired about:

  1. Do you have any expertise with the breed of my dog?
  1. What additional services do you offer besides grooming?
  1. What will this cost me?
  1. Can I watch you groom my Yorkie from here?
  1. What sort of training have you received?
  1. Where will my dog be kept?
  1. Do you participate in the AKC Safe Grooming Program?
  1. Is liability insurance carried by you?

What is the Price of the Teddy Bear Haircut? 

This varies greatly based on your region, the quantity and quality of your dog’s fur, and the price charged by each groomer. Normally, depending on the dog’s size, such visits can cost anywhere from $30 to $100

In the same way, you would tip your hairstylist; it is traditional to tip your groomer. You might bathe and comb them beforehand to reduce the haircut cost. 

Dominate the Cute Factor

How Do You Get Your Yorkie Ready For A Teddy Bear Cut?

You need to confirm that your Yorkie is at ease. To get them a little bit tired before, it is advised to stroll or play with them. To thank them for their cooperation, make sure many snacks are available. 

Place your dog on a stable surface, such as a table, and think about keeping a trustworthy companion nearby to keep them steady. A non-slip mat ought to be placed beneath them as well.

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There are lots of wonderful options when it comes to giving your Yorkshire Terrier a haircut. The teddy bear cut, commonly called the puppy cut, is among the most well-liked Yorkie cuts. Your Yorkie looks cute, young, and fluffy due to this. 

The Teddy Bear cut gives the Yorkie a young, cheerful, fluffy, and cuddly appearance. A Yorkie with a Teddy Bear cut is durable. It also requires very little upkeep and is trimmed affordably. Thus it has all the features needed to be the best style for our Yorkie.

This haircut can be further customized to give your dog a special yet adorable look. Teddy bear haircuts for dogs should be possible if you adhere to the guidelines for your dog’s coat density and length.

If done correctly, your dog will have a real teddy bear appearance and be more adorable than a button.


Q: How to cut Yorkie hair teddy bear with clippers?

A: Trim the body hair short and leave the head, ears, and tail with longer, rounder fur to create the Teddy Bear cut on a Yorkie using clippers.

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