Pitbull Mix With Yorkie: Adorable Blend of Strength and Charm

Pitbull mix with yorkie is the unique combination that is gaining fame now in the dog lover community.

This recently introduced breed has become everyone’s favorite because of their beautiful looks and active lives.

They are known by different names, like Yorkie Pitbull Mix, Pitbull Yorkie Mix, Pitbull and Yorkie Mix, and Yorkie and Pitbull Mix.

Pitbull Mix With Yorkie

They are the combination of two breeds that have completely different characteristics, and this surprising combination gives us incredible results in the form of a yorkie-pitbull mix.

They are very energetic dogs, but with less aggressive behavior and affection towards their family.

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Pitbull Mix With Yorkie are small to medium-sized dogs with different colors.

They love to play with children and remain active all day.

If you live in an active family and are thinking about adding a dog to your family, you first have to get all the information related to these dogs and their needs.

This article will help you get all the information related to them.

History of the Yorkie Pitbull Mix

Pitbull Mix With Yorkie was actually recognized in 2000.

They are the combination of one pure breed and one hybrid breed.

They get their name Yorkie Pitbull Mix because both their parents breed yorkies and pitbulls.

Here is a brief introduction to these two breeds to help understand the characteristics of the Pitbull Mix With Yorkie.


A Yorkie is a small dog that is also known as a rat’s catcher because it was used in factories to catch rats.

They are small in size and have a long coat with straight, curly, or wavy hairs.

These days, they are also available in small breeds and prove themselves to be very friendly pets.

This is the actual reason for their popularity.


Pitbulls are a mixture of bulldogs and terriers, and they get their strong, muscular bodies because of their fighter parents.

They have a beautiful short coat, and it looks very interesting because of their solid colors.

They are very energetic and perfect dogs for farms and handling large flocks of hounds.

Appearance of the Pitbull Yorkie mix

Pitbull Mix With Yorkies get different characteristics from both of their parents.

They have a very vast variety, giving a number of options for dog lovers.

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Pitbull Mix With Yorkie get smooth and silky with different hair lengths, colors, and patterns.

You can find this breed in almost all hair lengths and structures.

They have short, medium, and long hair in curly, straight, and wavy structures.


Pitbull Mix With Yorkies are found in a number of colors and patterns because pitbulls and yorkies both have a vast range of colors.

Their most popular colors are black, brown, white, or tan. They are born with a black or brown color, which changes with their age.


It is a medium-sized breed with short legs and a broad, wide chest. Their bodies have prominent muscles, which show their strength.

They get pointed noses from their terrier parents and big, sharp eyes from pitbulls.

They usually have long lives, but in some puppies, short lives are also present. Their bodies are usually covered with long hair.

They have a short but strong body with a thin vest and a wide chest.

Eye color

Pitbull Mix With Yorkie dogs have mostly dark-colored eyes, like black, blue, or brown.

Weight and size

As we know, the Pitbull Mix With Yorkie is a medium-sized breed that also comes in small sizes, so they have 10 to 15 inches of height and 10 to 70 pounds of weight.

Their weight and size vary with their age and their health conditions.

Age of the Pitbull and Yorkie Mix

Pitbull Mix With Yorkies are both healthy breeds, so yorkies and pitbull mixes also live a good life span on average.

They do not face too many health issues if they are treated rightly and in a caring environment.

They mostly live 10 to 12 years on average, which is a good life span for medium- and small-sized breeds.

Liter size of the Yorkie and Pitbull mix

Breeding of yorkies and pitbulls mostly does not occur naturally because of their size differences.

So they have big liters like other dogs. They only reproduce when the female dog is in heat.

Their litter sizes vary from 1 to 5 puppies.

Behavior of the Yorkie Pitbull Mix

A Pitbull Mix With Yorkie is a well-behaved dog, which is a little different from their pitbull parents.

They are not so aggressive if you provide them with proper training.

They love to be around their owner and can’t be left at home for long.

If you leave them in a small apartment alone, they become depressed and start chewing on different things.

They are good pets if you have a small garden or backyard at your home.

But they are strongly opinionated and don’t like strangers around them.

They start barking whenever they see a new face in their house.

To overcome this behavior, you have to socialize them with new people and animals at an early age.

They are also good with other family members but difficult to handle for children because they have a lot of strength thanks to their fighter parents.

Training of the Pitbull Yorkie Mix

Pitbull Mix With Yorkie dog’s training is also very necessary to control their anger issue.

They have a lot of energy, and they want to stay outside for the whole day.

They are also very intelligent and listen to the commands of their owner.

But for the training of a yorkie and pitbull mix, you have to be a good trainer.

Some helpful tips for training pitbulls and yorkies are given below.

  • Socialize them at an early age.
  • Always praise them and give them a good treat when they listen to your commands.
  • Fulfill their exercise need.
  • Add small physical activities to their training.
  • Repeat your tricks and commands on a daily basis.

Exercise needs of the pitbull mix with yorkie

Pitbull mix with yorkies want daily one- and two-hour exercise, and they do not want to live in closed rooms or small apartments.

If you want the addition of this breed, you must have a garden in your house where they can move easily throughout the day.

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Grooming of the Yorkie and Pitbull mix

If you are thinking about having a yorkie and pitbull mix, keep in mind that you need to spend half or one hour on their cleaning, or at least 15 minutes, because they need a lot of care because of their long fur and sensitive coat.

They also get goat ear and eye diseases very easily, so keeping an eye on their cleanliness is very necessary.


Daily bathing or too much bathing is not good for pitbull mixes with yorkies because of their long hair.

They need a bath once or twice a month.

It also depends on their daily routine.

They have very sensitive skin, so always use good bathing products for them.

Do not use human body wash or shampoo on their bodies; it will cause dryness and also damage their hair.


Hair brushing is also very necessary for these dogs; otherwise, their hair gets tangled, and they break and shed a lot if you combing them after a long time.

Daily brushing is very necessary to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Hair trimming

Hair trimming is a very basic need for dogs who have long coats, so trim their hair once a week properly.

You can do it at home if you learn this skill once from a reputable dog salon.

But if you are not able to do this at home, visit any reputable dog salon and get their hair cut regularly.

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Nail trimming

Nail trimming can prevent your dog from getting scratches, and it can also improve their health.

Ear and Eye cleaning

Ear and eye cleaning is also necessary for yorkies and pitbulls. Clean their eyes with any soft, clean cloth, or you can use gauze as well.

Ear cleaning is also a very important part of their cleaning. Clean their ears regularly with ear buds or a clean towel.

Breed characteristic summary of the pitbull and yorkie mix

Size10 to 15 inches
Weight10 to 70 pounds
Life Span10 to 12 years
CoatThey get smooth and silky with different hair lengths, colors, and patterns.
Colorblack, brown, white, or tan
TemperamentsFriendly, strongly opinionated, and loyal
IntelligenceVery intelligent
SocializationWe need early socialization to develop this behavior.
Destructive BehaviorAggressive if not trained well, stubborn, and obsessed with their owner.
People SkillsLove to stay only around their family members.
Behavior with childrenLittle tough for children to handle them because of their high energy level.
Behavior with other animals and dogsGood with home pets don’t like stranger animals or dogs.
ExerciseYou need 2 to 3 hours of daily exercise.
Liter Size1 to 5 puppies
Breed characteristic summary of the pitbull and yorkie mix
Pitbull Mix With Yorkie

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Cost of Yorkie Pitbull Mix?

For adding this beautiful breed to your life. You have to spend 600 to 1000 dollars. Their prices vary with their color, age, size, and type of breeder.

Can a pitbull mix with a yorkie?

Yes, pitbulls can mix with yorkies and provide an amazing breed with the qualities of both parents but with gentle behavior.

Are pitbull and yorkie mixes hypoallergenic?

No, pitbull-yorkie mixes are not hypoallergenic, but they shed a moderate amount.

How can we make a Yorkie Pitbull mix?

Their breeding does not happen naturally because of the difference in their sizes, but after breeding, they give us mind-blowing results.

Final Thoughts

Pitbull-Yorkie mix is an amazing breed for dog lovers who love the qualities of pitbull and yorkie but do not want any aggressive behavior.

Their energy level truly matches that of their energetic parents, making it an active breed.

So if you are living in a big house and you are in an active family, a yorkie pitbull mix is a good companion for you.

It has the ability to amaze you with its energy and spread positivity with its lovable and loyal nature.

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