Can You Board a Dog in Heat? – Ultimate Guide

Before discussing the boarding of dogs in heat, Firstly, let’s find out what is heat. And what is the behavior of the dog during this unique phase of life? So, we can easily understand the situation of boarding the dog in heat.

can you board a dog in heat?

Heat, commonly known as season,” in dogs It is a fertile period in a female dog in which her vulvae bleed and she shows uncomfortable behavior. She became more interested in males and was ready to mate with them. So, can you board a dog in heat? Let’s discuss all the factors and behaviors of boarding a dog during the heat.

What Do You Mean By a Board a Dog in Heat?

Dog heat is a stage of sexual maturity in a female dog’s life. First heat means the time when a dog is sexually mature enough to reproduce. It’s a time of fertility in which ovulation starts. Sometimes dogs get pregnant, and sometimes they go into menopause.

Signs of Heat

  • The dog’s vulvae become big and swollen.
  • She discharges pink or blackish-red liquid.
  • Overly friendly towards other dogs
  • Start licking its back.
  • She starts to get unwanted attention from male dogs.
  • More urination
  • Turn her tail aside.

The Behavior of Dogs During Boarding in Heat

Can You Board a Dog in Heat? The behavior of dogs during boarding in heat can be a topic of concern for many pet owners. Usually, during first-time heat periods, dogs relate it to the illness. They become lazy and do not want to play. They also drink plenty of water and become more curious.

Dogs also become attention seekers and want attention from their owners and especially from other dogs. If they are not treated in a good way, they become depressed. They start panting excessively and try to escape from your yard in search of mates. But being uncomfortable doesn’t mean that she is in pain. It is a painless cycle, so you don’t have to worry about it. Read about the health of dogs here.

How Many Times Can You Board a Dog in Heat in a Year?

A dog’s heating cycle totally depends on the type and especially the size of its breed. Usually, a normal-breed dog goes on the heat cycle twice a year, meaning after every six months. As a responsible dog owner, you have to take care of your dog.

You have to keep in mind your dog’s heart cycle to provide a healthy lifestyle. Small dogs mostly start their heat cycle at 6 months old and big dogs sometimes take longer, like 18 to 24 months old. The breed size of the dog directly depends on the heating cycle.

can you board a dog in heat

In How Many Days Does The Dog’s Heat Cycle End?

Normally, the heat cycle of a dog lasts 18 days or three weeks. It also depends on the health, size, age, and breed of the dog. But it is very important to keep an eye on it because if it goes on for too long, it can cause serious illness in your dog. It can cause weakness in it. Usually, bleeding stops in 7 to 8 days. But sometimes white and pinkish fluid discharges until 15 days.

What is Boarding in Heat?

The common question about dog boarding is often asked, Can You Board a Dog in Heat? Yes, but what is boarding in heat? Boarding means transferring your dog during her heat cycle to a reputable boarding center or any other good environmental place where she can spend her special days with comfort and all the needs she wants.

How Do You Know if Your Dog is 0n Heat and Needs to be Boarded?

Being a responsible dog owner, you have to know about the needs of your dog, especially those related to her heat cycle and the timing of the cycle. Boarding a dog during the heat cycle has become very necessary for the dogs in this busy routine because most dog owners do not spend their whole day with their dogs because of their busy schedules.

So, boarding is a comfortable option for them, and it is also very necessary for your dog too because during the heat cycle, if you tie a dog to your yard and are not able to provide good mates for her, she becomes aggressive and shows destructive behavior. It can have such a negative impact on a dog’s health that she may die as a result of depression.

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Benefits of Boarding

Dog boarding for dogs in heat cycle is very challenging work, and if you have a good, facilitated boarding home near you, it will provide so much relief in your life.

  • First of all, it gives you a short break from the responsibilities of your pet.
  • It provides a good space for your pet to socialize with other animals and find the perfect and healthy mate for her.
  • Your dog gets all the facilities she needs during this time.
  • You do not have to worry about your dog’s health if she is in good hands.
  • You may be able to get your desired breed from your pet.

Risks During Boarding a Dog

Can you board a dog in heat without any risk? Yes. As we discussed above, during this period of a dog’s life, they become very sensitive and touchy towards their owner, which causes separation anxiety in them. They also become destructive during boarding and try to escape from their boarding center.

can you board a dog in heat

But it is not such a big problem if your boarding center staff is experienced, knows how to handle this type of situation, and can provide a good environment for boarding a dog in heat. Your dog can easily adjust and spend her days in full comfort.

Is it Easy to Board a Spayed or Neutered Dog?

Spayed or neutered dogs are those female dogs whose ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed from them to handle the reproductive cycle and its related symptoms. Boarding a spayed or neutered dog is easy because it helps to control the aggressive behavior of the dog, and you do not have to worry about the blood stains here and there.

But keep in mind that spayed and neutered dogs are not able to reproduce in the next generation. Most boarding facilities prefer spayed dogs because they are much easier to handle, but some facilities also offer special facilities and a separate area for dogs with heat cycles.

Minimum Age of the Dog for Boarding

Some kennels have strict rules related to the age of the dogs during boarding, which is quite understandable because young pups are very attached to their owners and need special care and attention. So, at what age can you board a dog in heat? Most kennels prefer dogs that are at least 6 to 8 months old. But some other kennels have the facility to manage small dogs as well.

Cost of Boarding During the Heat?

Can you board a dog in heat at a low cost? Yes, for only a few dollars. The cost of boarding depends mostly on the size, age, and breed of your dog, especially your location. It also depends on the facilities you want for your dog and its necessities. It usually costs around 40 to 500 dollars, depending on the type of board.

During the heat cycle, most kennels charge extra for caring for your dog, like providing a separate space for your dog, handling their aggression because of heat, providing extra pads or diapers for stains during heat, or fulfilling all their exercise needs.

can you board a dog in heat

Types of Boarding

There are four types of boarding.

  1. Kennel boarding
  2. Pet hotels
  3. Veterinarian boarding
  4. In-home boarding

Here are brief details of these types of boarding and their costs:

Kennel Boarding

Are you looking to know how can you board a dog in heat in a very simple way? If yes then kennel boarding is the most common and traditional way to board dogs, which provides basic needs like food, security, and a mat for sleeping.

Cost: It costs around 45 to 50 dollars per night. And if you need any other services, such as a walk, they will charge extra for these services.

Pet Hotels

Pet hotels are an expensive option for boarding. These are mostly luxurious spaces that provide private rooms and spa facilities. Special grooming, etc. Some hotels also provide exercise facilities and 24-hour monitoring.

Cost: It costs hundreds of dollars, but if you love your dog and have money to spend on its luxury, pet hotels are a good place for your dog.

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Veterinarian Boarding

Veterinarian boarding is a good option for dogs who have to deal with medical issues, and the staff is already familiar with you and your dog, so they can understand their condition and provide on-time medication according to the need. Also, veterinarian boarding facilities usually have more facilities than any other kennel.

Cost: It is also a cheap option, like a kennel, with all the caring facilities.

In-Home Boarding

Can you board a dog in heat for one night? Yes, in-home boarding is a very common type of boarding in which a dog owner takes care of your pet with their pets and charges a much lower amount than kennels and other boarding options. One more benefit is that your dog is most familiar with your neighborhood and feels more secure there than in any other place.

Cost: It usually costs 30 to 40 dollars per night, which is quite affordable.

can you board a dog in heat


In this article, we explored how can you board a dog in heat. A dog boarding during the heat is a good option for new and busy dog parents. It also provides a comfortable environment and fulfills all the requirements of dogs during the heat cycle. You are also able to protect your dog from unknown companions.

But keep in mind that the heat cycle is an uncomfortable period for dogs. And she needs special attention and cares for her healthy heating cycle. So, spending money on boarding a dog in heat cycle is a good option for dog owners.

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