Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese? – Amazing Guide

When you are eating a pizza loaded with cheese in front of your furry friend and he is seeing you with a watery mouth and demanding eyes. The first thing that comes into your mind was, “Can dogs eat provolone cheese“.

So, here is the blog where you can find almost everything related to provolone cheese and its good and bad effects on your dog’s health.

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Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese


Sharing your food with your lovely pet is another type of leisure that you get after gaining knowledge about that specific food and your dog’s nutritional requirements. Provolone cheese is also on the list of dairy products, which makes it more complicated to understand, especially when your dog is lactose intolerant.

In this article, we will discuss the nutritional value of provolone cheese and its effect on the dog’s health.

Can Dogs Safely Eat Provolone Cheese?-Unraveling the Truth

Yes, dogs can eat provolone cheese safely with no danger but What is Provolone Cheese and how to make it ? Provolone cheese originated in Italy and is used in different pasta dishes. Nowadays, it is used all over the world in different dishes.

Its process of making is just like regular cheese, but it is a little softer than normal cheese, which makes it more stretchy and gooey. It is usually made from cow milk, which is full of fat, and it also contains different enzymes, which make it easy to store and increase its shelf life.

Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese Having Natural Ingredients?

Natural food is a good source of energy for all pets. So, can dogs eat provolone cheese which is made of cow’s milk? Yes, dogs can eat. Provolone cheese is the best option among all the cheeses.

  1. Milk is full of fat.
  2. Culture
  3. Kosher enzymes
  4. Salt
  5. Smoky flavor
Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese

The Nutritional Content of Provolone Cheese

Usually, provolone cheese consists of fat and enzymes. If cheese is full of nutrients, then can dogs have provolone cheese if yes, then how much in one day? Let’s take a view of the nutritional value chart for 1 ounce of provolone cheese, according to the USDA.

Amount per100 grams
Calories 352
% Daily Value
Total Fat: 27 g41%
Saturated fat: 17 g85%
Cholesterol 69 mg23%
Sodium: 876 mg36%
Potassium 138 mg3%
Total Carbohydrate0%
Dietary fiber: 0 g0%
Sugar: 0.6 g 
Protein: 26 g3%
Vitamin C0%Calcium75%
Iron2%Vitamin D5%
Vitamin B65%Cobalamin25%
If your dogs can eat provolone cheese, then must keep Nutritional Content in your mind.

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Provolone Cheese: A Delightful Treat or a Potential Danger for Dogs? can dogs have provolone cheese? Yes, before giving your dog a piece of cheese, keep in mind that provolone cheese is just a treat for your dog. It is not a proper diet or meal for your dog.

Pastured Milk: Most of the milk used in provolone cheese is full of fat, and it is also not suitable for dogs that are lactose intolerant. Mostly designer breeds are not able to digest dairy products, which has bad effects on the health of the dog.

Salt: As we see in the above-mentioned chart, provolone cheese contains a very high amount of sodium, which is excessive for our furry friend’s daily diet, and its high amount may lead your dog to develop sodium poisoning, which is not a good sign for your dog’s health.

Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese

Method of Preparation of Provolone Cheese

If you are giving your friend provolone cheese for the first time, don’t offer him a big amount or a big piece of cheese; just give him a little piece and observe your dog’s body reaction for at least 24 hours. If you notice any weird changes in your dog’s behavior or any sign of nausea, you have to contact your doctor.

If you feel another sign like vomiting, difficulty breathing, or any uncomfortable behavior, immediately consult your vet and provide all the required medications. But if your dog is fit and easily digests the given amount of cheese, offer him a little more. Like a small piece in a week or in 15 days. A daily dose of cheese is not a good option; it’s just a little treat for your four-legged friend’s satisfaction.

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Preparation Method

  1. Cut a small piece of the cheese.
  2. Offer it to your furry friend by hand.
  3. If you have a small dog, cut or chop the piece into smaller pieces and put it in its regular eating bowl.

Ingredients that are Harmful to Dogs

As we know, excess of anything is bad. Provolone cheese also has ingredients that overfeeding is not good for the dog, especially its calorie count, which is a major highlight. It has a lot of calories and can dogs eat provolone cheese which makes your dog obese and produce signs of arthritis. Yes, but plan any physical activity with a healthy diet.

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It also contains a lot of lactose, which is not a good option for most the pups, especially those that are not able to digest dairy products and for small pups. Let’s unmask the provolone mystery and decode its effects on canine health.

Health Benefits of Provolone Cheese on Dogs

To provolone or not to provolone: evaluate the risks and benefits for dogs. And fine can dogs eat provolone cheese or not? No doubt, it provides strength to a dog’s bones and keeps teeth strong.

Provolone cheese has a lot of calories and calcium content, which is usually very good for a dog’s health if he is consuming it in the right way. It helps to strengthen the bones and teeth and increase the life span of healthy nails. It also provides a lot of energy for the dogs because it contains a lot of calories.

can dogs eat provolone

Sodium: It is present in cheese in a good amount, and is also very good for health. It helps in digestion, increases the metabolism rate, and regulates the urinary system.

Protein: Provolone cheese has a good content of protein, which is good for dogs’ muscles and improves their immunity.

Calcium: Calcium plays a very important role in a dog’s life. It helps to maintain the good health of the bones and is also very good for the nails and hair of the dogs.

How can Provolone Cheese be Bad For Dogs?

If cheese is full of fats and a healthy diet, then can dogs have provolone cheese? Yes, it also has bad effects on the health of the dog, especially when its consumption is higher than the required amount. It causes serious illness in dogs and can cause death in serious conditions.

Its high quantity of fat makes him obese, which causes many problems and makes him a couch potato. It also increases the weight of dogs, which leads to arthritis. If some pets are allergic to dairy products, still can dogs eat provolone cheese? No, it’s like poison for your dog and can cause major issues in their health, such as

  • Accidents
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bloating
  • Loose stool
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese

In the case of effects from sodium, it may cause

  • Swollen tongue
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Frequent urination

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Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese as a Snack?

No, dogs can’t have provolone cheese as a regular snack.

The Recommended Size of the Portion of Provolone Cheese

Your dog can have a small piece of provolone cheese once a week or every 15 days. Can dogs eat provolone cheese on a daily basis? Daily treats of cheese are not good for his health, and they may disturb the nutritional balance of the dog’s diet.

Can Dogs Eat Provolone Cheese

How Can You Reduce Your Dog’s Risk of Consuming Provolone Cheese?

If your dogs can eat provolone then first of all, before giving any type of treat to your furry friend, you have to know their nutritional consumption needs and follow all the diet plans provided by your vet. Also, keep in mind your dog’s allergies and health conditions.

If your dog’s digestive metabolism rate is not good enough to digest this type of heavy diet, avoid giving him any type of food that is not good for his health. If you notice any type of disturbance or health issue after giving the specific food, immediately contact your vet.

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What other kind of Cheese is Safe for Dogs?

Cottage cheese usually has a lower amount of fat and sodium and a good amount of protein, which is quite good for dogs and also helps to increase their health. There are also many other options for giving your dog healthy treats that are good for them.


In this article, we explored whether can dogs eat provolone cheese, which has become very popular these days, especially when you talk about Italian cuisine, and it is found all over the world because of its taste. But we have to understand the fact that our metabolism rate of digestion and a dog’s rate is very different.

They are not able to digest this type of processed and heavy meal, and its effect on their health is very bad. But if your dog can digest it and does not show any type of bad reaction, then a small piece of cheese is not bad for him, even though it provides good nutritional values for your pet and also increases the health of his bones, teeth, hair, and coat.

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