Can Dogs Eat Grapes? The Grapes and Dogs Safety Guide

Grapes are a delicious and healthful snack for humans; however, what about dogs? Can Dogs Eat Grapes and experience the same benefits as we do?

Or are grapes toxic to puppies and must be prevented at all costs?

The reply is clear: Dogs have never eaten grapes or raisins.

Grapes and raisins are poisonous to puppies and can cause extreme and potentially fatal kidney damage, even in small amounts.

The precise mechanism of toxicity is unknown.

However, it appears to affect puppies of any breed, age, or gender.

Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Why Can’t Dogs Eat Grapes? 

There are no benefits of grapes for dogs. Grapes are poisonous to puppies and can cause kidney failure, even in small amounts.

Do not feed your canine grapes or raisins or any ingredients that include them.

If your canine companion has ingested grapes or raisins, immediately contact your veterinarian or the animal poison management core.

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Can Dogs Eat Grapes – The Danger of Grapes and Raisins

Can Dogs Eat Grapes?
  • It might also be associated with an unknown toxin in the fruit that interferes with kidney function or motives oxidative injury to the kidney cells.
  • It may additionally be due to genetic exposure in some dogs that makes them unable to metabolize certain compounds in the fruit, such as flavonoids, tannins, or monosaccharides.
  • It may additionally be prompted by using a mycotoxin (a fungal contaminant) on the grapes or raisins that produce a poisonous impact in dogs.

Whatever the cause, grape and raisin toxicity in puppies is unpredictable and peculiar, which means that it can have an effect on any canine of any breed and that there is no protected quantity or kind of grapes or raisins that a canine can eat.

How Much is Too Much?

Unlike some toxins where a particular quantity can be described as dangerous, the question of “Can dogs have grapes?” has no established safe threshold for grape and raisin consumption.

As stated earlier, even a small volume can lead to unfavorable effects, and the individual variants in sensitivity make it challenging to decide on a protected limit.

Other Edible Products with Grapes as Ingredients

Dried grapes (raisins, sultanas, or currants) are considered more damaging than sparkling grapes.

These dried fruits are regularly used in baking, so make sure to hold your canine away from:

Foods that contain grapesType of grape
Hot-cross bunsRaisins
Simnel cakeRaisins
Christmas cakeRaisins, currants, sultanas
Christmas puddingRaisins, currants, sultanas
Mince piesRaisins, currants, sultanas
StollenRaisins, currants, sultanas
Fruit panettoneRaisins, candied fruit
Fruit cakeRaisins, currants, sultanas
Fruit sconesRaisins, sultanas
Muesli, granolas, and other cereals that contain dried fruitRaisins, currants, sultanas
Can Dogs Eat Grapes

How soon will a dog get sick after eating grapes?

After consuming grapes, some dogs may be in poor health or have diarrhoea within 6 to 24 hours, while others may no longer exhibit any symptoms until later.

Some dogs’ kidneys may additionally commence to end working from one to three days after consuming grapes.

These puppies may additionally not wee as much as usual or end up weeing altogether.

Dogs may additionally be very thirsty or appear lifeless.

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Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Grape Toxicity in Dogs: Common Symptoms to Watch For

Symptoms of grape poisoning in dogsPossible causes
VomitingFood poisoning, kidney damage
DiarrheaFood poisoning, kidney damage
Abdominal painFood poisoning, kidney damage
Lethargy or weaknessKidney damage, dehydration, low blood sugar
Increased thirstKidney damage, dehydration
Increased or decreased urinationKidney damage, dehydration
DehydrationVomiting, diarrhea, kidney damage
CollapseKidney failure, low blood pressure, shock
Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Grape Toxicity Prevention for Dogs:

  • The pleasant way to stop grape toxicity in puppies is to preserve grapes and raisins from your dog’s attain.
  • Do not leave them on the counter, in the fridge, in the pantry, or in your purse or backpack.
  • Do no longer share them with your canine as a deal or reward, even if they beg or seem cute.
  • Do not feed them any meals incorporating grapes or raisins, such as fruit salads, cakes, cookies, cereals, path mixes, or granola bars.
  • If you have different pets in the house, such as cats or birds, make sure they no longer have to get the right of entry to grapes or raisins either.
  • Some animals may additionally be much less sensitive to grape toxicity than dogs. However, it is better to be secure than sorry.
  • If you have young people in the house, it is essential to understand that can dogs eat green grapes or raisins or not.
  • Explain to them that grapes and raisins are poisonous to puppies and can make them very ailing or even kill them.
  • Supervise them when ingesting grapes or raisins and dispose of any leftovers properly.
Can Dogs Eat Grapes?

Can a dog eat Grapes and Raisins? Are They Harmful to All Dogs?

Some canines show a higher tolerance towards grapes and raisins than others. Since the root purpose of grape toxicity is uncertain, researchers have yet to explain dogs’ various stages of sensitivity.

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There is presently no way of figuring out a dog’s degree of sensitivity to grape poisoning beforehand. However, the reality is that consuming grapes leads to poor penalties for dogs.

Immediate Actions to Take if Your Dog Eats Grapes

Grapes are highly poisonous to dogs and can cause kidney failure and death. If your canine eats grapes, you ought to take immediate action to forestall additional harm.

Here are the steps to take if your canine eats grapes:

  • If suggested by your veterinarian, result in vomiting in your canine by giving him a hydrogen peroxide solution of 1 teaspoon per 5 kilos of physique weight.
  • Do not do this besides your veterinarian’s guidance, and do no longer result in vomiting if your canine is unconscious, having hassle breathing, or displaying signs and symptoms of distress.
  • Take your canine to the nearest veterinary hospital or emergency clinic for additional treatment.
  • Your veterinarian may also supply your canine-activated charcoal to stop the absorption of toxins in the belly or intestines and intravenous fluids to flush out the toxins and guard the kidneys.
  • Follow your veterinarian’s guidelines about whether can dog eat grapes. Your canine may additionally want blood tests, urine tests, and kidney characteristic assessments to check the extent of the harm and the prognosis.
  • Your canine may additionally want an extraordinary diet, medications, and dietary supplements to assist his kidney health.
Can Dogs Eat Grapes?


Dogs should avoid grapes since they can harm their kidneys severely, even in small amounts.

If you suspect that your pet has consumed something harmful, it’s essential to contact your veterinarian or the animal poison control center for immediate assistance.

Instead, after visiting your veterinarian, choose secure and healthful foods like apples, bananas, carrots, cucumbers, or blueberries.

Put your dog’s health first and steer clear of any potentially dangerous foods. Remember: When it comes to can dogs eat grapes, the answer is always NO.

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Can Dogs Eat Grapes?


Q: Can dogs eat raisins?

A: No, grapes should never be eaten by dogs. It is currently unknown which fruit component causes an adverse reaction in dogs, but it is widely known that grapes and raisins can be harmful to dogs.

Q: Can a single grape harm a dog?

A: Yes, a single grape can lead to renal failure in dogs. While some foods can only harm dogs in large quantities, grapes are dangerous even in small amounts.

Q: Can dogs survive after eating raisins?

A: Raisins are frequently mixed with other meals, which might increase the risk of exposure. The toxicity issue remains unchanged.

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