Australian Mountain Doodle – Ultimate Guide

Introduction of the Australian Mountain Doodle

The Australian Mountain Doodle is a furry dog breed. They have wavy, curly, and straight hair. They are found in different colors with different patterns. They are mostly medium-sized dogs and amaze you with their kind nature.

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They are specially bred as a less energetic breed to stay in small apartments and build flats. Also, they are very good companions for children and prove them to be their best friends. Their eye colors made them more colorful and interesting.

mini australian mountain doodle

They are the mix of two beautiful, well-behaved, and healthy breeds, and this is the actual reason for their breeding: to get a breed that has a long life span and does not need too much exercise.

They can easily live with family and become everyone’s favorite in a very short period of time. They have two well-known types, like the Aussie Mountain Doodle and the Mini Australian Mountain Doodle.

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History of the Australian mountain doodle

The Australian mountain doodle is a combination of the Aussie doodle and the Berne doodle. This beautiful mix creates an intelligent, low-shedding family dog that becomes the star of the house by its looks and nature. Before diving into the guide to Australian mountain doodles, let’s have a look at its parent’s habits and history.

Aussie Mountain Doodle

Aussie Doodle is a mix of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. They are furry dogs with a high intelligence level and a playful nature. They have good range in their color, with curls or straight hair. They are non-shedding dogs with a good energy level. They need a daily one-hour walk and other physical activities to fulfill their exercise needs.

Berne Doodle

Bernese doodles also have fur on their whole bodies. They are also found in many different colors, and they are good companions. They love to cuddle and stay on the sofa with their owner. They do not need too much exercise. A half-hour exercise is enough for them, but that doesn’t mean you cannot train them. They are very trainable because of the intelligence they get from their parents big brains.

Appearance of the Australian mountain doodle


Because of their parents, Australian mountain doodles have characteristics of both parents. They have a smooth coat with different hair types like curly, wavy, and straight. Curly and wavy coats are almost non-shedding, but straight coats shed a little, which is less than in other doodles. They are found in a variety of colors because both parents have a wide range of colors and patterns. Their beautiful coat gives them a little furry toy look.

mini australian mountain doodle


They come in different colors and patterns, but commonly they are found in white, black, brown, blond, blue, and red. They also have bi- and tri-color patterns, which completely depend on their parent breed. They also have phantom, merle, and single coat patterns. Tri- and bi-color Aussies have markings in different places, like near their chests, on their backs, and on their tails.

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Aussie mountain doodle Attributes

Aussie mountain doodle have all the same traits as Australian mountain doodles, like behavior, body shape, and size, but the only difference is their color pattern, which comes from the unique combination of Australian shepherd, Breton mountain dog, and poodle.

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Most Australian mountain doodles have a slim, fluffy body covered with hair. They have pointed noses, which are mostly black. They have short and long ears, both of which are covered with hair.

Eye color

They mostly have blue and brown eyes, and sometimes in merle patterns, they have two colors of eyes: one is brown and one is blue.

Weight and size of Aussie mountain doodle

Australian mountain doodles are found in different sizes. You can find them in almost all sizes, and their sizes vary from 12 to 28 inches.

Their weight also varies from 20 to 95 pounds according to their size and nutritional value.

aussie mountain doodle

Mini Australian mountain Doodle

The Mini Australian Doodle is small in size, and they are a very popular breed of doodle. People love their small size, which is perfect for their small apartment, and they are easier to manage than medium and large doodles. They have 19 to 22 inches of height and 18 to 20 pounds of weight.

Age of the Australian mountain doodle

The actual purpose of this dog breed was to increase the life span of Brenese doodles, so they live about 10 to 15 years. Their life expectancy also depends on different factors; some of them are given below.

  • Healthy parent breed
  • Reputable breeder
  • Hygienic environment
  • Good nutritional value
  • Care and love
  • Regular checkup  

The litter size of the Australian mountain doodle

The average litter size of an Australian mountain doodle is around 6 to 8 puppies. They are able to reproduce in their first and second years. If you keep in mind their age, you should be able to get good reproduction from them.

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Behavior of the Australian mountain doodle

Australian mountain doodles, Aussie mountain doodle, or mini Australian mountain doodles are known for their humble and gentle behavior. They are great companions and easily adjust to small spaces. They mostly do not show any aggressive behavior and love to stay with their owner.

aussie mountain doodle

They do not cause any harm to children or other animals. They welcome them with an open heart and easily adjust to new members. They are the best companions for the children and try to amaze them with their cuteness.

They are very social dogs, happy to see new faces in the house and garden, and have become everyone’s favorite in a very short time.

Training of the Australian Mountain Doodle

No doubt Australian mountain doodles are made for living in apartments, but their training is very necessary to make them good boys. They are highly trainable dogs and fulfill all commands of their owner if they are trained well in their puppy years. They are very intelligent dogs because of their parent breed, so they understand your commands very easily.

You can train them to eat, be outgoing, etc. Potty training is also very important for them. You can easily teach them different tricks by giving them small treats and their favorite toy.

Grooming of the Australian mountain doodle

Grooming is a very necessary part of life for everyone, especially when you have a furry friend in your house. They are considered less shedding dogs because of their healthy coat, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need any type of grooming. They also need regular care and hygiene.

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They have medium-sized hair that needs regular brushing. You can use a long, soft-bristled brush to detangle their beautiful hair. Brushing their hair regularly keeps their coat healthy and shiny. It also removes dryness and prevents different bacterial infections caused by dryness.


Give them a bath once or twice a week to keep their coat healthy. Always use good dog shampoo and conditioner for them. Do not use human hair shampoo on them; it will be dangerous for their coat and cause allergies on their skin.


Trimming is also a very necessary part of grooming if you have a mountain doodle in your house because they mostly have long hair that needs to be trimmed once a month. You can trim them at home or visit a good dog saloon for any stylish trimming.

Australian Mountain Doodle

Ear cleaning

Both long and short ear types are found in Australian mountain doodles. Short ears get wax very easily and are a little difficult to clean because of a lot of hair, so keep their ears clean and check them regularly for the prevention of any ear diseases.

Breed characteristic summary of the Australian mountain doodle
Size12 to 28 inches
Weight20 to 95 pounds
Life Span10 to 15 years.
CoatCurly, straight, or wavy coat with a lot of shine and smoothness.
ColorWhite, black, brown, blond, blue, and red
TemperamentsFriendly, calm, and loyal
IntelligenceVery intelligent
SocializationVery social
Destructive BehaviorObsessed with their owner, they sometimes show chewing behavior when they feel alone.
People SkillsHappy to meet new people.
Behavior with childrenShow great love and affection toward children.
Behavior with other animals and dogsFamily dogs and other pets made them happy.
ExerciseHalf to one hour of daily exercise is enough for them.
Litter Size6 to 8 puppies
Aussie mountain doodle chart
Australian Mountain Doodle


How big do Australian mountain doodles get?

They are found in almost all sizes, but their large size is mostly 25 to 28 inches, which they get from their shepherd parent breed.

Are Australian mountain doodles hypoallergenic?

Yes, they are known because of their low-shedding coat. Their straight-hair coat sheds little more than curly or wavy hair. But if you have any type of dog-hair allergy, you have to check by spending three or four days with them. If their hair does not bother your allergies, you can easily add them to your family.

What is an Australian mountain doodle?

Australian mountain doodle is a beautiful mixture of Aussie doodle and Berne doodle. They have beautiful colors and patterns on their bodies, a highly intelligent brain, and very calm behavior.

Do Australian mountain doodles shed?

No, they do not shed a lot. Their straight-hair coat sheds little, which is a very normal amount if you have any type of dog. A little shedding is present in all dogs naturally.

Australian Mountain Doodle

Final Thoughts

Australian mountain doodles are a great gift for people who have a busy lifestyle and live in cities. These dogs are a perfect match for them because they do not need a lot of care or exercise. Their extraordinary and wide range of colors and patterns provide you with a lot of choices to choose colors according to your wishes.

They have a very gentle temperament and love to cuddle with their owner. If you are looking for a cuddling partner after a long day with different hustles, then these doodles are for you. They have the ability to make you happy with their sweet nature and cute faces.

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