Gator Pitbull: Your Comprehensive Guide to the Breed

Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies are strong, muscular dogs, and they are known as a breed for dog fighting. They are large dogs and strongly opinionated.

They love to move throughout the day by doing physical activities. They are very protective of their owners and protect them until their last breath.

If they see any danger for their owner, they have the courage to take action on the spot.

They are aggressive in nature, and you should not go out with them until you are strong enough to handle them.

If you are thinking of bringing them into your house, you must have a long fence in your backyard and keep an eye on them all the time because they are always in search of escaping space.

They are also known as gator mouth pitbulls, gator bloodline pitbulls,

Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies

Before bringing a gator-mouth pitbull into your home, there are a few things you must know about the pitbull. I hope this article helps you find all the information related to them.

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History of the Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies

The reason for Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies breeding was to get the perfect dog breed for dog fighting.

So, they are genetically made for fighting, and they fight to the death.

Before discussing the nature and needs of Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies, let’s discuss their parent breed.

Now a days, the breed name gator pitbull we know comes from the combination of plumber’s alligator and Rodriquez’s gator.

Plumber’s Alligator

Plumber’s alligators are from the pitbull bloodline and are known for their strong muscular bodies, big jaws, and aggressive behavior.

They are also fighting dogs, and their tolerance level for paint is highly incredible.

They were very famous dogs in the dog fighting game, but when this game was banned in various countries, their popularity decreased.

Now they are pets, and people keep them for protection because of their loyalty and good observation.

Rodriquez’s Gator

Rodriquez’s are the descendants of the American pitbull terrier.

They are also fighting dogs, and they have different color variations, which make them an interesting dog breed.

People used to represent them as a strong competitor in dog fighting.

They are mostly medium-sized dogs, give tough competition in every dog fight, and are able to fight till their deaths.

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Appearance of the Gator Mouth Pitbull

Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies


They have a shiny coat with small hairs. Because of their small hairs, they showcase their body muscles very easily.

Their coat feels very soft to the touch and is easy to manage, too.

They are not hypoallergenic, but they shed a very moderate amount, and because of their short hair, you do not find dog hair anywhere in your house.


Because of their parent breed, Rodriquez, they are found in many colors except merle.

They are mostly found in black, brown, grey, blue, red, or brindle colors.

But they have many color variations, and you can see them in different diluted colors.


Because of their parent breed, they have a strong, muscular body with almost no fat.

They have very fine representative muscles, and you can tell they are strong fighting dogs at first sight.

They have strong jaws and sharp teeth. They mostly showcase their teeth by opening their big jaws, which they get from plumber alligator size.

They also have strong paws and sharp nails, which help them during fighting.

They have strong, long legs and a wide chest.

They mostly have a pointed snout and erect ears, which give them an active look.

Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies

Eye Color

Gator-mouth pitbulls mostly have brown, blue, and green eyes.

Weight and Size

They are athletic dogs, so they have more weight than normal breeds of their size.

And their height is also higher than other dogs.

An average dog weighs 40 to 100 pounds. They are 18 to 22 inches tall.

But their height and weight also vary with their age and the nutritional values they get.

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Age of the Gator Bloodline Pitbull

Gator bloodline pitbulls live a long and healthy life if no sudden accident or viral disease attack happens to them. They live approximately 10 to 15 years.

But some cases are also known where they live for about 18 years because of good care and a hygienic environment.

Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies

The Litter Size of the Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies

Gator-mouth pitbulls have many puppies, so they produce 8 to 10 puppies. The number of puppies also depends on the age of the mother and the size of their father.

If you are breeding this breed, be ready to care for the female dog during pregnancy because they have a good number of puppies.

So it is a little difficult for her to stay calm during pregnancy. Providing good food and plenty of water also helps in reproduction, which is necessary for good results.

Behavior of the Gator Mouth Pitbull

If we look at the history of the Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies, we can see that the purpose of this breed’s production is to get a dog that is a good fighter with a high pain tolerance level.

So, they are very aggressive dogs when they are fighting and do not show any type of kindness.

They prove themselves to be very rough and tough dogs because they are able to fight until their last breath.

Are Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies Good Pets?

Dog fighting is banned in many countries, so the popularity of Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies decreased suddenly, but now some Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies lovers keep them because of their loyalty and best companionship.

They are very faithful to their master and protect their animals and other property. They also love their owner’s attention and are very friendly with their family.

Gator Pitbull

Training of the Gator Bloodline Pitbull

They are very intelligent dogs and always follow their owner’s instructions if they are trained well.

They are very active, so you can train them during their walks and fulfill their physical activities.

So, if you are thinking about having a Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies, the first thing you need is a very active lifestyle and the ability to control these dogs.

They are very good escapers and always try to find an escape route to stay active the whole day.

So, during training and walking, you need good strength and a strong leash to handle them in public.

Start their training at an early age and try to socialize them with new people and animals.

This will improve their socialization abilities, and they will become very good pets and protectors too.

Grooming of the Gator Mouth Pitbull


Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies are very active dogs and love to stay in backyards and open places.

This habit gives them a lot of dirt, so for their coat health, they need to bathe twice a week with good shampoo and conditioner.


They do not need lots of brushing because of their short and straight hairs. You can brush them after one or two days.

Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies


They do not need lots of hair trimming because of their short coat, but their nails are very long and sharp, so if you keep them at home as a pet, trim their nails regularly.

Breed characteristics and summary of the gator pitbull
Size18 to 22 inches
Weight                                                                     40 to 100 pounds
Life Span12 to 16 years
CoatThey have a short, smooth, glossy coat that is not hypoallergenic, but they shed a very moderate amount.
Color                                  black, grey, fawn, blue, brindle, brown (diluted grey, red, white, chocolate)
TemperamentsThey are strongly opinionated, energetic, loyal, love their owner, and protective of everything that is attached to him or her.
IntelligenceVery intelligent and highly trainable.
SocializationProtective by nature, they usually do not like strange animals and people around them.
Destructive BehaviorAggressive, stubborn, Barking
People SkillsGood with family members but don’t like strangers in territory
Behavior with childrenI love children, but they are too big to be handled by children.
Behavior with other animals and dogsProtective towards home pets and consider themselves their boss, but do not like unknown animals and dogs.
ExerciseThey want to move throughout the day, but 3- to 4-hour exercise is necessary for them.
Liter Size                                                                  8 to 10 puppies

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Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies


What’s a gator-mouth pitbull?

It is another name for the Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies, and they get this name because of their wide jaws and big heads.

Their jaws usually have wrinkles around them, and when they open their mouth, they show strong canines, which give them a little scary look.

What does a Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies look like?

The Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies is a medium-sized dog with a strong, muscular body. You can easily consider them fighter dogs at first sight.

They have a strong, muscular body and a big mouth, which make them perfect for fighting dog’s games.

How much does a Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies cost?

Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies cost around 600 to 1000 dollars. Their prices vary depending on different factors.

If you are looking for a Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies puppy that is well trained and does not have so many health issues, you should consult some reputable Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies breeders and spend more dollars than their original price.

But it will help you a lot because having a healthy and trainable dog does not require so much care and training after moving into your house, and it also does not cause any harm to your family or property.

What is a gator-mouth pitbull?

Gator-mouth pitbulls are strong dogs with big jaws and beautiful wrinkles, which they inherit from their parent breed.

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Final Thoughts

Having a Pitbull Gator Mouth Puppies in your home is a little risky if you have kids at home because they are a little tough to handle, but if you are keeping them as a watchdog and for dog fighting, they will be a perfect match for you.

They give you all the good qualities you want in a good fighting dog, like loyalty, a strong muscular body, and a high trainability level.

If you have a big family or you live on a farm, they will help you a lot to handle your folks and keep away all the strangers and thieves.

They will love to chase you and take part in all your actions.

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