Can Diabetic Dogs eat Strawberries?

Can Diabetic Dogs eat Strawberries? Yes, Dogs can Eat Strawberry in the proper proportions. Strawberries are an excellent snack for your dog. It also increases your dog’s palate. Dogs eating Strawberries can fulfill their nutritional requirements like humans, but dogs have different parameters for eating fruits.

Before giving anything to your dog, first, consult your vet. If a vet is not available, check your dog’s nutrition chart and the nutritional chart of the new food you want to give your dog.

If the nutrition chart requirements match the food’s nutritional values, you can safely treat your pup and increase its appetite.

can diabetic dogs eat strawberries

Here is the nutritional value chart of strawberries, and your dog’s nutrition chart depends on the size, height, weight, age, and breed of your dog.

Nutritional Facts of Strawberries Serving Size: 1 cup or 100 g
Energy32 kcal
Protein0.67 g
Carbohydrates7.68 g
Fats0.3 g
Fiber2.0 g
Cholesterol0 g
Sodium1 mg
Calcium16 mg
Iron0.42 mg
Vitamin C58.8 mg
Potassium153 mg
Phosphorus24 mg
Can Diabetic Dogs eat Strawberries?

Let’s take a glance at the nutrients present in strawberries and their effect on your dog’s health.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is present in a very rich amount in strawberries. It has antioxidants that fight dangerous particles like free radicals present in the dog’s body. It also slows down the aging process and strengthens their immune system. It also reduces the chances of inflammation and allergies. It also helps fight cancerous cells.

Protein and Fats: Protein and fats are present in lesser amounts in strawberries, which makes them good for the kidneys of dogs and safe for their health.

Potassium and Magnesium: Potassium helps maintain the health of the heart and kidneys in dogs. It also protects dogs’ hearts and is very good for heart health. Magnesium provides energy to the cells and also provides relief from anxiety.

Fibers: Strawberries are high in fiber, which aids digestion. It aids in the passage of food through the digestive tract, thereby alleviating constipation. It also helps with weight loss in dogs and is good for obese dogs.

Sugars: There is a high content of sugars present in strawberries, which provide a lot of energy to your pup and make them feel active if given in the right amount. But the excess amount of sugar from strawberries is not good for dogs, high sugar contributes to weight gain, dental problems, and other health issues.

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Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Strawberries?

Diabetes is a prevalent ailment observed in canines, necessitating the implementation of a carefully regulated dietary regimen to ensure optimal health maintenance. Although fruits are commonly seen as a nutritious snack, the presence of natural sugars in them may raise concerns for dogs with diabetes.

Nevertheless, there exists variability in the suitability of different fruits for eating by canines. This article aims to examine the compatibility of strawberries with diabetic dogs and provide an overview of fruits that are appropriate for canines diagnosed with diabetes.

Is it safe for dogs with diabetes to consume strawberries?

Strawberries, characterized by their vivid red coloration and inherent sweetness, with the potential to serve as a pleasurable indulgence for both individuals and canines alike. It is noteworthy that strawberries can potentially serve as a viable dietary choice for dogs with diabetes, if they are consumed in moderation. There are several reasons why:

Strawberries possess a low glycemic index (GI), hence exhibiting a comparatively negligible influence on blood glucose levels in comparison to foods with high GI values. This characteristic renders them a more favorable option compared to certain other fruits that possess higher sugar content.

Fiber Content:

Strawberries include a high concentration of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber has a crucial role in regulating blood sugar levels in diabetic dogs by facilitating a slower absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream.

Nutritional Advantages:

Strawberries possess a rich content of vital vitamins and antioxidants, including vitamin C and phytonutrients, which have the potential to enhance the general well-being of canines.

The high water content of strawberries can contribute to maintaining proper hydration in diabetic dogs, which is of paramount importance.

Fruit Selection for Canines with Diabetes

Although strawberries might be a palatable and appropriate fruit choice for canines with diabetes, it is vital to also contemplate alternative fruit selections. The following fruits are typically regarded as safe for canines with diabetes:


Blueberries are characterized by their low sugar content and high antioxidant levels. Diabetic dogs can greatly benefit from their selection due to the combination of palatability and nutritional advantages they offer.


Raspberries, akin to strawberries, have a low glycemic index and possess a notable fiber content. They are a valuable inclusion in the dietary regimen of canines afflicted with diabetes.


Apples, when consumed in limited quantities and with the peel removed, can serve as a low-sugar alternative. The consumption of apples, due to their fiber content, has been found to have a positive impact on the regulation of blood sugar levels.


Cranberries are recognized for their potential positive effects on urinary tract health and their comparatively low sugar content, rendering them a viable option for canines with diabetes.

There are several crucial factors that need to be taken into account.

When incorporating these fruits into the diet of a diabetic canine, it is imperative to bear in mind some crucial factors:

Portion control is essential, even when consuming low-sugar fruits, as they should be consumed in limited quantities. Excessive consumption of fruit can still have an effect on blood sugar levels.

It is advisable to get guidance from a qualified veterinarian. The diabetes care plan for each individual dog should be customized to suit their unique requirements. It is imperative to seek guidance from a veterinarian prior to implementing substantial alterations to one’s nutritional regimen.

Blood Glucose Monitoring:

It is imperative to consistently monitor the blood glucose levels of your canine companion with diabetes in order to ascertain that any alterations in food, such as the incorporation of fruits, do not elicit fluctuations in blood glucose levels.

What are the health benefits of Can diabetic dogs eat strawberries?

Strawberries are beneficial for dogs; they will bring about very healthy changes in the dogs’ diet. Strawberries have a high level of oxidants, which prevents their body cells from dying.  They have a high-water content, which aids digestion as well as hydration.

can diabetic dogs eat strawberries

Strawberries provide vitamin C, which is very helpful in hair growth and also increases the rapid functioning of hair and teeth growth. Strawberries also contain vitamins A and K, which boost the immune system and aid in cell repair.

Fibers and fatty acids are found in small amounts in the nutrition of strawberries, which help in digestion and improve the skin and coat health of dogs.

Manganese and potassium are also found in strawberries, which are important for your pooch’s body and mental health.

The sourness of strawberries also acts as a cleansing enzyme for dogs’ teeth. However, in order to test them, you must first give them a few strawberries. If you notice any digestive issues or scratching on your dog, contact your veterinarian right away. These symptoms are shown if your dog has an allergy to the provided food.

Can Pregnant Dogs Eat Strawberries?

During pregnancy, a dog’s dietary needs become more critical, and pet owners must be cautious about what they feed their expecting furry friends. When it comes to strawberries, the answer is yes, but with some important considerations.

Fruits for Pregnant Dogs

While strawberries are generally safe for pregnant dogs when offered in moderation, it’s crucial to explore a variety of fruits that can provide essential nutrients during this vital phase. Pregnant dogs require a balanced diet to support their health and the development of their puppies. Here are some fruits suitable for pregnant dogs:

  1. Apples: Apples are a nutritious choice, providing vitamins and dietary fiber. However, always remove the seeds and core, as they contain cyanide, which can be harmful.
  2. Bananas: Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamins. They can be a great occasional treat for pregnant dogs, but not in excess due to their sugar content.
  3. Blueberries: Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and low in calories, making them a healthy addition to a pregnant dog’s diet.
  4. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber and can help with digestive health. It’s particularly beneficial for pregnant dogs prone to constipation.
  5. Cantaloupe: This melon is high in vitamins A and C, and when given in moderation, it can be a refreshing and nutritious option.

Important Considerations

When offering fruits to pregnant dogs, remember these key points:

  1. Moderation: Fruits should be given in moderation as treats, not as a primary source of nutrition. Too much fruit can lead to digestive issues or excess calorie intake.
  2. Consult Your Veterinarian: Always consult with your veterinarian to determine the best diet for your pregnant dog. They can provide personalized recommendations based on your dog’s specific needs.
  3. Food Safety: Ensure that all fruits are fresh, clean, and free from pesticides or contaminants that could harm both the mother and her developing puppies.
  4. Pit and Seed Removal: Remove any pits, seeds, or cores from fruits, as these can contain substances that are toxic to dogs.

How many strawberries can a dog eat?

Strawberries are a better substitute than an unhealthy treat for your dog, but there should be a balance in his diet. You just give your pup strawberries in standard proportions with his normal dog food. With the ratio of their regular dog food, you can only put 10% strawberries in their diet.

There are a very small number of calories and a large amount of sugar present in strawberries. If you don’t care about portion size, your dog may become obese. The dog’s portion size should be kept in proportion to its size.

Dog SizeDog Weightstrawberries per day
Small-sized dogs12 to 20 lbs.2 to 3
Medium-sized dogs31 to 50 lbs.3 to 4
Large-sized dogs51 to 90 lbs.6 to 7
Extra-large dogs91 or more lbs.7 to 10
Can Diabetic Dogs eat Strawberries?

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How to prepare strawberries for dogs?

Firstly, before giving any type of food to your dog, you have to make sure that it is clean and not rotten because it directly affects your pet’s health. Rinse the fruit properly with water and carefully make sure that the fruit is fresh before preparing it for your dog.

The preparation of strawberries depends on the size of your dog. If you have a small dog, smash the strawberries finely and serve them in small portions.

can pregnant dogs eat strawberries

If you have a medium-sized dog, cut strawberries into four slices and then cut each slice in half.

Large dogs can eat strawberries, which are cut into four slices. Each slice should be no thicker than 14 inches. Large strawberry pieces can get stuck in your dog’s throat and cause stomach upset.

You can also add puréed strawberries to your dog’s food as a vitamin booster. In this way, they can easily get used to them.

Can dogs eat strawberries ice cream?

As we all know, any canned fruit has syrup inside it, which causes an increase in the sugar level of the fruit. Extra sugar is not good for dogs; it may cause stomach issues and obesity in them. Mostly canned fruits contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol, which can cause major health issues or even be deadly for your dog.

So, fresh strawberries and frozen strawberries are good options for you, and they will not disturb your dog’s health if given in proper portions.

Also, avoid chocolate or caramel-covered strawberries. They are not for your pet.

Can dogs eat Yoplait Strawberries yogurt?

Even though yogurt is good for dogs and Yoplait can be given to dogs only in moderation. Make sure to read the Yoplait label before giving it to dogs. Many dogs and puppies have difficult time in digesting these lactose containing products.

Can dogs eat Activia yogurt strawberry flavor?

Similar to Dogs eating Yoplait Strawberries yogurt. Activia yogurt can be given to dogs only in moderation. Make sure to read the Activia label before giving it to dogs. Many dogs and puppies have difficult time in digesting these lactose containing products.

Can dogs eat strawberry leaves?

If you ask, “Are strawberry leaves poisonous for the dogs?” then the answer is “No.” But it doesn’t mean that you start feeding on strawberry leaves. The strawberry stem is not poisonous for dogs, but it is also not digestible for them. There are many thick fibers present in strawberry leaves and stems that are not digestible for dogs and can cause serious effects and gastrointestinal issues.

can pregnant dogs eat strawberries

Which other berries are good for dogs?

Some berries, like blueberries and raspberries, are suitable for your dogs, but not all berries are good for them. However, as we all know, blueberries have less sourness and sweetness than strawberries.

It is possible that your dog doesn’t like their taste and doesn’t want to eat them because of their sourness. Usually, dogs do not like sour tastes.

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Which types of dogs can’t tolerate strawberries?

Dogs with diabetic issues can’t tolerate strawberries, because strawberries have a high level of sugar and calories. They are also not good for overweight dogs.

Some dogs also have specific allergic reactions to the pigment that gives them their beautiful red color. Allergy reactions cause different symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, or skin itchiness.

So, at first, you should keep an eye on them after giving them this happy treat. If you notice any reaction to your dog’s body, contact your vet immediately and find a proper solution for your loved one.


If your question is “Can dogs eat strawberries yogurt?” then the answer is yes, but in a fixed proportion, and given them in the right way. Too many strawberries are not good for your dog’s health.

Excess of anything, as we all know, is bad. Canned strawberries, chocolate strawberries, and caramel strawberries are bad for your pet’s health because of the high content of sugar present in them.

Other berries, such as blueberries or raspberries, must also meet all the criteria discussed above before being fed to your dog. The most important step before giving any food to your dog is to first confirm it with your vet and also keenly observe his diet chart and the nutritional values that he needs. So, give your dog a complete and balanced diet.

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