Cerenia Killed My Dog – Ultimate Guide

It’s only natural to be concerned and want to learn more about this medication when we hear, “Cerenia killed my dog.” A typical prescription for dogs suffering from motion sickness and vomiting is Cerenia. However, after giving medication to their pets, some pet owners have reported negative side effects and even deaths.

Cerenia is usually considered safe and effective when given as directed by a veterinarian, despite several rare incidences of severe side effects. With the help of Cerenia, many dogs have been able to control their nausea and vomiting.

Cerenia Killed My Dog
Heartbreakingly True: Cerenia Killed My Dog

The following article will thoroughly explain Cerenia, its applications, possible negative effects, and how to ensure your pet is safe when taking this drug. Our mission is to assist pet owners in making knowledgeable decisions regarding their animals’ health and ensure they get the best care available. 

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How Cerenia Killed My Dog ? – Overview of Cerenia

Veterinarians occasionally advise giving dogs with issues like motion sickness and vomiting the drug Cerenia.

The drug is referred to by its generic name, maropitant citrate.

In 2007, the FDA approved it for conditions like nausea and motion sickness.

In 2012, the FDA approved its use for treating the same problems in cats after about five years.

However, many Cerenia packets continue to state “for dogs only.” Cat owners frequently ask why Cerenia says “for dogs only” because of this.

Cerenia was once exclusively permitted for dogs, which is the root cause. Cats received approval considerably later, in 2012.

But we’re here for the dogs. And Cerenia is mostly given to dogs to treat problems like motion sickness and general vomiting.

Cerenia functions by blocking the neurokinin-1 receptor. As a result, it works against that receptor. Cerenia can prevent motion sickness and other types of vomiting in dogs by functioning against the mentioned receptor.

Cerenia Killed My Dog
Grieving the Loss: Cerenia’s Tragic Consequences – Cerenia Killed My Dog

Cerenia Dosage for Dogs

Cerenia for dogs is a veterinary drug, so it needs to be prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. Its generic name, maropitant citrate, also knows it. The drug is recommended for dogs that are acutely vomiting, but it is also used to stop dogs from becoming motion sick.

Depending on the dog’s age, different doses of Cerenia may be prescribed for dog vomiting. For dogs between the ages of 2 and 7 months, Cerenia may be administered for a maximum of 5 days straight at a minimum dose of 0.9 mg per pound (2 mg/kg).

Cerenia is given to dogs older than 7 months at a minimum dose of 0.9 mg per pound (2 mg/kg) until the acute vomiting stops. For the right dosages based on the age and weight of your dog, speak with your veterinarian.

Cerenia appears to be most successful in preventing vomiting when administered before the onset of vehicle sickness or for chemotherapy in dogs with cancer. However, it may be helpful for dogs experiencing acute vomiting. The veterinarian may provide an injection of Cerenia in cases of severe vomiting where the dog cannot keep food or drink down.

Can Dogs Die from Cerenia?

One of these ‘ruthlessly effective’ drugs is Cerenia. Even the most severe cases of vomiting in dogs can be stopped by it. Cerenia can block the effects of other (vomiting-inducing) medications even when given to dogs after receiving other treatments that cause vomiting.

Some people may feel worried about this level of efficiency. It raises concerns such as, “Is Cerenia safe for dogs?” Are there any unique Cerenia threats to be on the lookout for? Others will ask, “What are the side effects of Cerenia in dogs” considering its brutal effectiveness.

The main question, however, is whether Cerenia can result in canine mortality. Some people simply ask, “Can Cerenia kill dogs?”. The reality is that dogs can die from Cerenia. In actuality, the Cerenia flyer refers to the possibility of death as a side effect. As a result, Cerenia’s creators openly admit that it can result in death. And quite a few people claim that Cerenia was responsible for the deaths of their dogs. Therefore, stating that Cerenia can result in dog death can be said without fear of dispute.

However, not all of the deaths that dogs experience after ingesting Cerenia are related. Many of them are merely coincidences. You frequently find that the underlying issues cause the pets to pass away. These were the underlying issues causing the vomiting, and Cerenia is being used to treat them. However, the basic fact that Cerenia can result in a dog’s death still stands.

Remembering Our Beloved Companion: Cerenia’s Impact – Cerenia Killed My Dog

How does Cerenia put a Dog to Death?

An allergic reaction to the drug or hidden disease that the prescription pill covered up are the two potential explanations of a dog’s death caused by Cerenia. Cerenia might have negative effects, just like other medications. The medicine information booklet lists death as a possible side effect.

Your dog can have problems that result in death if the adverse reactions are not properly and efficiently controlled. Remember that allergic reactions can result in death just like they can in people. When owners ignore or fail to treat the underlying cause of the vomiting, Cerenia can also kill pets.

The process of vomiting is the body’s way of getting rid of poisons, viruses, and other dangerous organisms. Cerenia, which dog owners give to their pets to help with vomiting and toxin removal, is regrettably ineffective. Owners of dogs can forgo treatment for any underlying reasons for vomiting once their dogs cease vomiting. It is crucial that owners only take Cerenia after having their veterinarian do tests to rule out any other health risks.

5 Alternatives of Cerenia

You can try other methods to treat severe vomiting or vomiting brought on by motion sickness in dogs if what you have read so far has made you uneasy giving them Cerenia despite all the instructions provided for its safe usage.

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Here are a few alternatives to Cerenia that you can consider.

  1. CBD Oil or Cannabidiol

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is not present in cannabidiol, or CBD, produced from the Cannabis or hemp plant. As a result, it has been demonstrated to be safe in treating nausea and anxiety in dogs.

In addition to having a relaxing impact on the dog, CBD oil also stops car sickness-related vomiting. Cannabidiol oil usage is advised, even though there is currently no proven study on the consequences of long-term use.

Cerenia Killed My Dog
Unveiling the Reality: Cerenia’s Dark Side – Cerenia Killed My Dog
  1. Alternative Medicine

Although there is no concrete evidence connecting death to Cerenia, a dog owner may research substitute medications to treat canine vomiting.

Cerenia can be replaced by Meclizine, Benadry, and Dramamine by pet owners. These antihistamines have negligible negative side effects and can treat inflammation, nausea, and vomiting in dogs.

Even if the medications described are less obvious than administering Cerenia to dogs, getting professional assistance is still advised to ensure the correct dosage when given.

  1. Car Ride Desensitization

When driving for the first time, your dog could experience tension or anxiety. This causes your dog’s sensitive stomach to create acids, which causes discomfort and nausea.

Therefore, acclimating your dog to the sensation of travel will put them at ease and lessen their tension and anxiety. This does not, however, guarantee that they will no longer get car sick.

  1. Getting Less Food

It is a good idea to arrange your dog’s supper in advance and to serve less food when traveling with them. A full stomach would cause vomiting if your dog became anxious or queasy.

Like feeding a dog while driving, doing so is never a good idea because it could result in car sickness and upset stomach.

  1. Using Calming Agents

Certain compounds, like lavender, vanilla, and ginger, have relaxing fragrances, just like humans. All of these can aid in lowering dogs’ stress levels and potential motion sickness.

Cerenia Killed My Dog
Honoring Our FourLegged Friend – Cerenia Killed My Dog: Cerenia’s Fatal Fallout

Bring your dog’s favorite toy, pillow, or item of clothing with you so they have something to play with or cuddle with while you’re traveling. This lessens your pet’s likelihood of experiencing vehicle sickness.

When Your Vet Prescribes Cerenia, What to Tell Him

Everything, especially narcotics, is deadly if used excessively. As a result, when your veterinarian prescribes Cerenia to your dog, you should inform them of the following.

First, determine if your dog has been diagnosed with liver or renal disease. As Cerenia prevents vomiting from leaving the body, your dog may experience serious side effects from liver and kidney toxins.

Second, a dog with cardiovascular illness should have a comprehensive examination before giving any medication. So, if your doctor prescribes medication, you should be cautious. Your dog’s medical history must be disclosed to the doctor so that they can prescribe the appropriate medications.

Finally, Cerenia is risky because there is little information on how it affects dogs expecting or nursing. To prevent terrible circumstances, inform your doctor if your dog is pregnant.

How to Prevent Dogs From Overdosing on Cerenia

Based on a dog’s age and body weight, the dosage of Cerenia is calculated. Over dosage of cerenia killed my dog. Additionally, the dosage of Cerenia for dogs varies depending on whether it treats motion sickness or acute vomiting.

No of the illness, following your veterinarian’s prescription is the greatest method to prevent an overdose of the medicine Cerenia. A minimum dose of 0.9 milligrams per pound of body weight, given once daily for up to five days, is required for acute vomiting in dogs 2 to 7 months old.

Cerenia Killed My Dog

Once per day up till the acute vomiting stops for senior dogs. As an alternative, treating vomiting brought on by motion sickness in canines older than four months calls for a minimum dose of 3.6 milligrams per pound of body weight. Just two back-to-back days are allowed for this.

Precautions for Giving Cerenia to Dogs

Cerenia killed my dog? The over amount of cerenia can be dangerous. Here are the precautions you should keep in view:

  • For this medication to be effective, your pet must be at least 6.5 weeks old.
  • If your dog is experiencing nausea or vomiting, do not administer this medication since this will prevent the drug from fully absorbing into his system and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Because Cerenia and other drugs that include erythromycin cannot be combined, your veterinarian may decide to delay starting treatment with this drug until the other illness has been completely treated.
  • It is essential to ensure that your pet can be well-hydrated throughout transportation if you plan to travel with him while he is receiving treatment.
  • This medication should only be used in small doses because taking it whole could cause some gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Always make sure your pet has access to enough water while receiving Cerenia treatment so that there won’t be any increased chances of dehydration or vomiting, which might potentially interfere with the medication’s normal effects.
  • Ask your veterinarian if you are unsure how long your pet needs to take this medication; he will know when it is safe to cease giving it doses.
Cerenia Killed My Dog
  • Even if your dog seems to be doing just well, contact your veterinarian if your dog vomits within an hour of taking a dose. He may need to give your dog more medication.
  • If your pet is sensitive or allergic to this medication, do not provide it, and always consider any potential adverse effects before deciding whether or not to take any action.

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  • Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns about the usage of this medication. He will be able to provide advice tailored to your pet’s individual needs and conditions.

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At the end of “Cerenia Killed My Dog,” Pet owners may experience sensitivity and emotional distress from Cerenia and its possible negative impacts. Despite the drug’s side effects, it’s crucial to remember that Cerenia has undergone significant research and is largely regarded as a safe and effective treatment for dog vomiting. 

As with any medication, it’s important to carefully follow your veterinarian’s recommendations and keep an eye out for your dog’s potential side effects. Don’t hesitate to get advice and support from your veterinarian if you have questions about using Cerenia or think cerenia killed my dog and dog could suffer negative consequences. 

You can support the health and well-being of your animal companion by remaining informed and collaborating closely with your vet.

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