Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cream Pies? – Ultimate Guide

Oatmeal cream pies are very tempting, creamy pies that became everyone’s favorite in no time. Their creamy look and softness watered your mouth. These are very good partners during cravings or for an evening snack. If you are living in a family, you will never find any leftovers if you are talking about oatmeal cream pies.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cream Pies?

But here is the question: “Can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies?” when they saw you snacking with their cute button eyes and watery mouth. And they want to grab any type of food from your hand and really want to become your food partners at every meal. Let’s see the effects of oatmeal on a dog’s health.

Can Dogs Safely Consume Oatmeal Cream Pies?

Can dogs have oatmeal cream pies without any danger? No, dogs should not consume oatmeal cream pies. While oatmeal itself can be a healthy addition to a dog’s diet in moderation, oatmeal cream pies typically contain ingredients that are not suitable for dogs.

Oatmeal cream pies often contain high amounts of sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives, and other additives that can be harmful to dogs. These ingredients can lead to weight gain, dental issues, upset stomach, and potential long-term health problems such as diabetes or pancreatitis.

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Ingredients in Oatmeal Cream Pies

Oatmeal cream pies belong to O.D. McKee. He and his wife used to make these pies and build Debbie snacks. These pies got fame in a very short period of time. These pies are a little different from other cookies. They have a soft crust filled with cream, which gives them a more delicious taste.

But for dogs, we have to study their ingredients deeply. Because it’s not necessary if some kind of food is good for humans, it is also good for dogs. Dogs have different requirements according to their body needs. So, can dogs have oatmeal cream pies, full of nutrients? Let’s explore the ingredients for oatmeal cream pies:


can dogs have oatmeal cream pies

Like other cookies and pies, wheat is a main ingredient in oatmeal cream pies, and can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies with those main ingredients? It has a lot of carbohydrates and other nutrients. Two cups of whole flour are used to make oatmeal cream pies.


One cup of oats is used in these pies, which gives them a soft chew test. It gives a soft texture to the pies and lots of nutrients.


It is a sweet dish, full of sugar. Its cream is usually made from sugar and butter.


Butter is used in the cream and dough of the pie. Both are loaded with a good amount of butter.

Baking powder

Baking powder helps it become soft and is added to use in baking.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar is used in making the dough for a pie. It gives a pie a naturally sweet taste.


Vanilla is used to add fragrance. Only one or two teaspoons are used during the making.

Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder gives it a natural fragrance and also enhances the taste of the pie.


A pinch of salt is added just to manage the flavor of the sugar.


In the early days of the oatmeal cream pie business, they were freshly made in bakeries, but after their incredible fame, there was a need to pack them in packets and supply them all over the world. So to fulfill this need, makers have to add preservatives to their products to increase their shelf life, which is not toxic for humans but is very dangerous for little dogs’ health.

Nutritional values of Oatmeal Cream Pies

Knowledge of the nutritional values of any food is very important before giving it to your pup. Can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies with limited ingredients? Here is the nutritional value chart for oatmeal cream pie by the USDA to check can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies or not for a healthy life.

Can Dogs have Oatmeal Cream Pies?
Nutritional Values
Nutritional Facts
Oatmeal cream pies
Food Category: Cakes, Cupcakes, snacks
Sources include: USDA
Amount Per 100 grams
Calories 437 kcal
Total Fat 15.49 g
Saturated fat 7.04 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 423 mg
Sugar35.21 g
Total Carbohydrates 70.47 g
Dietary fiber1.4 g
Protein 2.82 g
Vitamin C0 mg
Iron1.52 mg
Vitamin A0 IU
Calcium0 mg
Can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies: Explore the Moderation Key: Portion Control for Dogs


Oatmeal cream pies are full of carbohydrates, which come from the flour and oats present in the pies. They are present in very high amounts and provide a lot of energy for every human being, but this energy is too high for dogs.

Can Dogs have Oatmeal Cream Pies?

Sugars: Oatmeal cream pie cream is mostly made from butter and sugar, and it is also used in pie making, so these pies have a lot of sugar, which harms your pup’s health instantly.

Fats: If A whole mixture of oatmeal pies then Can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies? No, It is combined with butter. Pie is also kneed in butter, and cream is also made from butter and sugar, which make it very fatty. This high amount of fat is not good for adding to a dog’s diet.

Making oatmeal cream pies

Can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies, if yes then how will you make pies for your four legs champion? For making oatmeal cream pies, we melt butter at room temperature, mix brown sugar and white sugar into the butter by using a spatula, add a little pinch of cinnamon and vanilla essence, and then make a soft dough by mixing flour and oatmeal in it and mixing it.

Then we make small pies and put them in the oven for baking. For cream, we mix icing sugar into the butter and beat it until it doubles in size. After mixing, pipe it in between two pies and make a sandwich-like pie.

Harmful Effects of Oatmeal Cream Pies

Oatmeal cream pies are full of fats. It can be harmful to your dog if can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies. Food like oatmeal cream pies is clearly a no-no for a dog because of the high levels of nutrients present in them. When dogs eat these pies, they increase in size and get stuck in the food pipe or stomach of the dog, which blocks the food pipe and causes serious health issues.

When it became bigger, it soaked all the water into the stomach and caused serious constipation. It decreased the appetite of the dogs and got stuck in the gut. This is not the only reason. It also has a very high amount of carbohydrates, which causes obesity in dogs. It also causes the problem of diabetes.

Sugars: As we know, oatmeal pies are full of sugar, so they can’t be given to the canine even in a small amount. Because this high amount of sugar can be fatal for your pup so then how can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies?

Fats: Butter is the essential ingredient of oatmeal pie, and high amounts of fat in any type of food cause problems like being overweight, heart problems, laziness, etc.

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FAQsCan Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cream Pies?

Can Dogs have Oatmeal Cream Pies?

Can Dogs Have Oatmeal Cream Pies?

No, dogs cannot have oatmeal cream pies because of the high amount of sugar, which does not match the nutritional values of their diet. It also causes a high sugar level in the dog’s blood, which leads to many diseases such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

It also has a high amount of fat, which causes pancreatitis, which causes abdominal pain and vomiting. In some cases, it can be fatal.

Is Oatmeal Cream Pies Fatal for Your Dog?

Oatmeal cream pie is not good for dogs for many reasons, but that doesn’t mean it acts like poison for your dog. No doubt it has too much sugar content, which causes diarrhea and vomiting.

But if you give it to your dog in excess, it can be fatal or cause serious health issues. It can also lead to long-term health issues such as gut problems or diabetes.

What should I do if my Dog Eats Oatmeal Cream Pies by Mistake?

If your dog eats a small piece of pie or a very small amount, keep an eye on him. If he is normal and does not show any alarming reactions, you do not have to worry. But if he takes a large amount of pie, immediately contact your vet.

What is the Replacement for Oatmeal Cream Pies?

There are many healthy alternatives on the market that you can buy for your dog. But if you really want to share a pie with your dog, there are also dog pies that you can buy from any reputed general store and give him a healthy treat according to its nutritional needs.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Pies?

This question is often asked normally, Can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies? The oatmeal is good for dogs if it has no preservatives. But with cream, it is a complete no-no for the dog. Oatmeal has a good amount of carbohydrates and energy, which can be a good treat for your pup. But the proportion of oatmeal has to be balanced according to the dog’s nutritional requirements.

Can Oatmeal Cream Pies Cause Hyperglycemia in Dogs?

Hyperglycemia is a disease that causes an increase in thirst, urination, lethargy, weakness, and loss of appetite. Consumption of oatmeal cream pies can definitely cause hyperglycemia in dogs because they have a lot of fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. All of them need a lot of energy to digest. So, when it reached the stomach, it doubled in size and sucked all the water from the stomach.

Can Dogs Eat Oatmeal Cream Pies?

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed in detail your confusing question “Can dogs eat oatmeal cream pies?” We clearly say no after checking all the nutritional values and their effects on the dog’s health.

Dogs can’t have any, which humans can because they have different requirements to fulfill their energy. They can digest everything because of their nutritional requirements. But when we are having something and we also have our lovely pup around us, we really want to share our food with our furry friends without knowing the proportion of their diet.

But as responsible dog owners, it is our duty to check the diet of our dogs and provide all the nutrients that are required for their growth and health. Do not try to give them anything left over in the house or any other food. Especially those foods that do not have any positive effect on dog health and, after overdosing, become toxic.

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